July 20, 2006


The Thirteen Most, um, Entertaining Album Covers

Some folks in the bloggerhood have occasionally posted some of their favorite album covers, presumably of musicians they enjoy. Here's another take on that. I know very little about any of these "artists," save the first two. But they have provided me, and hopefully now you, with several minutes of jocularity. DISCLAIMER: Adult-oriented images below.

Before the hilarity ensues, I offer this mini-review of what I consider to be the best effort of the Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac. I had this album on vinyl as a teen, bought because of the amazing tune Hypnotized, one of my favorite rock songs to this day. It turns out the rest of the album is pretty good, the Mac being in transition from its Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer blues band days to the pop mega-success of the Buckingham-Nicks lineup. Anyway, the album cover proclaims the title track (another strong tune) but perhaps indicates feelings about what the hell this phallic-backed ape is doing here.

Blowfly is the X-rated alter ego of Clarence Reid, a songwriter/producer who had quite a bit of success under his own name in the '70s, with disco label TK Records. Blowfly is best considered "The Redd Foxx of the Southern soul circuit," specializing in dirty parodies of current soul and pop hits. He is enough of a cultural icon that he even recorded his own holiday single in the mid-'70s. Of course, the songs were called "Jingle Fuckin' Bells" with B-side "Queer for the New Year." Can't get enough of that funky stuff - HIT MEEE ! !

Here we see what is undoubtedly the "altar-ego" (haha) of Church of the Subgenius founder J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Quite surreal the use of the black background is.

This one speaks for itself, though I will say dude put his cards right out there...

Good thing Ken's music wasn't compulsory. I'd wager that his career faltered after a deafening silence from an audience not familiar with the Ken repetoire.

The Fembots got nothing on this band.

This is actually a Christian rock band (complete with leftmost dude's bulge). I wonder if they ever put out strikes two and three...

The Cooper's gained noteriety when they were tapped to open for Stryken on the blockbuster "F$%k Satan's Rock" tour. Little Stevie Cooper (back row) went MIA at Neverland in the late 80s, while Mrs. C went on to moderate success in Hollywood, most notably as Dustin Hoffman's body double in Tootsie.

Evidently the success of the original Stuffparty allowed the purchase of some fancy new duds and a killer hairpiece for Larz.

I just don't know if I've ever seen a better investment in graphic design.

Perhaps the most interesting thing on this one is the sensuous black man's face transplant (and I mean thing not thang).

Quite the pithy title here, but I still have to question the validity of an album by a ventriloquist.

Another classic of the apparently popular ventriloquist genre, though I'd deem this at the other end of the spectrum from Geraldine and Ricky (notice I avoided saying anything about wood).

Um, you got some splaining to do about where and WHY you came by these records, Tim. I mean, this is some bizarre shit that NOBODY has any business owning. Especially that Cooper family abortion.

He never said he came by them, but I'll bet he got a little excited by them..........

Hilarious stuff, O'Tim. Father White looks like Steven Colbert.I knew a guy in college named Whitey who probably had that KEN album. Ken and Roger ought to get together.

"Stryken" is an interesting one, because there was a Christian metal band that looked just like them named "Stryker". I wonder if there was aa connection?
A few comments at my first impressions of some of these:

Rev in Rhythm: Yep ... Church of Subgenius all the way.

Ken: Who knew that the 11-inch pastic version who used Barbie as a beard would have more personality? I bet this guy doesn't have genitals either.

God's Child: All God's children are precious ... but some apparently are less so than others.

Larz Krizterz:Who knew the Schmenge Bros had such strong influence?

Roger: I see two facets. Two isn't many.

Richard & Willie: If those two dummies can say antyhing intelligible then that woman is no damn good at giving head.

Ook ook
That 'woman' on Richard and Willie looks like a man to me.
Roger: I see two facets. Two isn't many.

Indeed, especially since drunk and stoned are basically the same facet. I suppose if you really wanted to stretch Roger to his capacity you might add "pensive" or "philosophical."

BTW, folks, these aren't mine. There's even more hilarity HERE

You can even vote for your faves!
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