November 08, 2006


Life on the oil slick

It's finally over.

There is likely no more intense time for a news writer than election season. This year wasn't so bad, mostly because the county registrar's office that has so consistently botched and/or otherwise delayed returns actually did a pretty good job yesterday. We were expecting to be up waiting on precinct totals until 1 a.m. but actually got wrapped up well before midnight. It was sweet relief.

So the good news came over the wire that Bush is a lame dick (yes, I left out the word "now"), and then the cherry of cherries in Rummy's exodus. It would be sweet ironic justice if it were actually into the desert for 40 years.

As for my neigborhood, it's still as red as a whore's ass after a cattlemen's convention. Nary a Democrat in this corner of the state got even 40 percent of the vote (some much worse), and the Republican incumbent guvnah handed his opponent's ass to him. And with the Democrat, who quite annoyingly ran as "The Big Guy," tilting the scales at 300, that's no small feets I tell ya. Although it looks as if Dems squeaked out a couple of important congressional victories around Savannah, Georgia is officially the thickest oil slick on the tidal wave of the national Democrats' successes.

Despite several cases of having to choose between giant douche and turd sandwich, I voted a split ticket. Interesting, though - in 28 races on the ballot (plus 3 constitutional amendments and six referendums - yeesh!) I voted for five Republicans, of which four lost, notably to double-decker turd sandwiches with extra toejam. Thankfully at least the two victorious Democrats I selected were the Attorney General and a state Supreme Court Justice, which is technically non-partisan, but her opponent had big red bucks backing him - she spanked him good. So I'm a firm believer in a left-leaning judiciary, go figure. Another Dem I voted for will face a run-off in a couple of weeks. If he loses then the state's Public Service Commission will be all Republican, and the greatest service they will likely perform is enriching their big utility interest donors.

Me and Beelers looked at each other today and wondered aloud what the hell we were still doing here. Well, he's a native and I'm bound by matrimony and a pending male heir, so I guess we're in it for the long haul. I take comfort in the proclamation of the Harrison, "All Things Must Pass." Even the turd sandwiches.


"that's no small feet I tell ya"

You mean it's no Little Feat?

I don't think I've ever voted for as many Democrats as I did this time around. I went Republican on the State Treasury in hopes of making it harder for the Guv to get his hands in there, but that's about it.
It was interesting here in Colorado, which has typically been a purple state that is just a little more red than blue. We now have a new Democratic (albeit very moderate) governor, Democrat-controlled state house and senate, and Democratic mayor (he's been mayor for about 4 years now, I guess). Yet as far as the ballot initiatives go, they generally went very conservative (fucking homophobes...). So it was, to me, most certainly more of a message to W. and the neocons than it was a vote of confidence in the Dems. Now I just hope the Dems can do some good.

On a completely unrelated note, I've discovered a goof in the code for the (you) essays button. You need to remove the "www" from the referring link so that it's just Not sure why, but with the Ws it doesn't work. Ha! It's not unrelated! Gotta get rid of the Ws!
LOL @ Jeff. I'll check my code when I get back, er, home.

I can relate O'Tim, being in O.C. They're more taxophobic here than satanophobic, but still.
Joe - I changed it to "feets," as in "don't fail me now."

Jeff - I yearn for a purple state, but I think purple's just too gay for Jawja.

Gotta get rid of the Ws!

Thanks for the tip. I'm delighted to comply!

Paula - My brother lives in OC, and I don't think he's afraid of satan, or as we call him here, beelzebubba.
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