August 28, 2008


O'er the laa-and of the freeeeee....

Welcome to Denver, now go home liberal free-thinking scum:

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August 25, 2008


My Back Pages

The erudite D-Cup (of Politits fame and surely someday fortune) has posted photos of the various pockets of literature stacked about her abode, and encouraged her blog pals to do likewise.

Here is O'Tim's Abridged Office Version (turned aside for quick reference):

The professional section, including the AP Stylebook, which I swear is compiled by a roundtable of crusty, cob-webbed codgers who get their jollies from implementing arbitrary rules of composition on tenderfooted reporters. I need an upgrade on the Writer's Handbook, and may splurge on the audiobook version of Strunk & White's Elements of Style, as read by John Houseman.

The politics and religion section, together but duly separated.

The National Geographic coffee table section (sans coffee table)

The leisure section, which includes a smidgen of published work by yours truly.

Lastly but not leastly the topo atlas, chord & tablature, kick-ass cartoon, manly catalog, humorous best-selling political satire, favorite authors, self-help and miscellaneous section (I never did finish that one below Marley & Me)

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August 23, 2008


Wee wisdom

Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children's Healthcare



August 18, 2008


Takin' names

Msr. Kelso, stalwart expat gadfly of The Daily Pitchfork, has bestowed upon me the honor of Kick-Ass Blogger. Incredulous as I was at first (thinking perhaps he misspelled "kiss"), I've come to at least acknowledge that I am kick-ass and I am a blogger.

The continuing assignment, which I have chosen to accept, is to:

1) Pay it forward with bestowment of a KAB award to five worthy bloggers
2) Let them know that they have received an award.
3) Link back to both the person who awarded you and also to MammaDawg.
4) Visit the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky and leave a comment.

In no particular order as far as you know:

ONE - 1 2 3 I Love You "Derek" is supposedly a Canadian refugee teaching English in Japan. He takes his ostensibly frustrating, dry and boring life and turns it into hilarious blog magic. He could be making all or most of this shit up, but what does that matter in the face of side-splitting laughter?

TWO - Dawnia's blog Yep, that's the title, but don't let it fool you into thinking this woman is just as plain and simple. She types like Kerouac on a space shuttle re-entry, and nary a thought escapes the brain-keyboard link when she really gets going. This is the epitome of "personal web log," for D just spills it out for all to see. Her secret is that she's not writing for anyone else, and I am in awe (and a tad jealous) of her fearlessness.

THREE - LawyerWorldLand Archer, who takes way too much vacation time, will probably grimace at this recognition, but by gum I gotta say his political and social satire is nonpareil. Very high guffaw factor from this prince among scumbag NYC schuysters.

FOUR - Fabulously Jinxed One key phrase for this girlfriend's blog is "Don't get me started!" But of course starting Jinxy up is where the fun, and some coherent political discourse, is. She is big on blog techno, so all you nerds can take advantage of her bloggy wares (P.S. - don't mention PUMAs).

FIVE - Light Motifs aka "Ultraviolet's Cupcakes, Cats, Shooz, Miscellaneous Obsessions, and Assorted Multislackery" blog. Miz UV is queen of the coffee klatch, and the convo is generally breezy and always deliciously varied. One of my life's goals is to lunch with her at one of her SoCal deli/sushi and/or cupcake haunts, and one of her life's goals is to provide me with a signed first edition of her great novel (title TBD).

Keep up the great work, people! Now come forward and accept your award:


August 09, 2008


Thirteen years ago


From the archives: an excerpt from a letter I was composing on August 9, 1995:

Well now, if that is not just fate. I got the news today (oh boy) about a lucky man who made the grave. The cork is popped, so here's a toast:
"To one of my best friends and definitely one of my heroes. Thank you for a real good time! With a tear in my eye and a smile on my face (for there is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile) I wish you the fondest farewell. You certainly lived longer than you might have, but you definitely died sooner than you should have. I will miss you terribly. Have a good trip!"
I done shared all of mine now, so I guess it will have to be some of yours when you get here. It is somewhat sad yet nice to know that I saw Jerry at the last place he ever played. Ironic that it was my first show within the limits of the city I was born in. I'm not sure where it goes from here, but I am certain that the torch is still lit and must needs be carried.

And so I do.


Sister Shocked

Reg'lars here know about Chattaboogie's Friday Nightfall free summer concert series (posted about at least once). Since Max was born our attendance at the weekly fete has been sparse, but we were committed to get there last night to see one of our favorite artists, Michelle Shocked. We originally had planned a kid-free date night but had to scramble for alternate plans for lack of a babysitter. We decided to venture out with the boy in tow, so we squeezed in an extra late afternoon nap for him, and that made all the difference. He was a bit glazed by the end of the evening, but we had a blast.

Jen turned me on to Michelle back when we first met via her Captain Swing album, and she quickly occupied slots on my listening list with her strong songwriting and equally powerful voice. In recent years she has gone gospel but obliges (a bit grudgingly, it seemed) her longtime fans with some of her solo folky stuff. She was backed at the start and finish of her set by The Lee Boys, a pentecostally-raised family band that plays "Sacred Steel," which their website describes as "a unique form of Gospel music with a hard-driving, blues-based beat. The musical genre is rooted in Gospel, but infused with rhythm and blues, jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, country and ideas from other nations." They had a funky, Robert Randolph-on-Jesus sound - talented and quite entertaining. The middle of Michelle's set was the only part with tunes I recognized, including Anchorage, The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, Memories of East Texas and Graffiti Limbo.

So not 100 percent of the Michelle Shocked I love the best, but getting to see her live (and up close, as is always possible for the dance floor in front of the Nightfall stage) is a nice notch on the musical belt. I loved her beat up Telecaster!


August 05, 2008



...and the livin' is HOT! One of the curses on the damn yankee is that he loses his tolerance for northern nostril-freezing cold. Yet what human can adapt to the stifling, sponge-like atmosphere of the climes beneath the Mason-Dixon? Thanks be for A/C (working fine this year) and friends and Omies with pools, that's for sure.

The ailment commonly known as cabin fever was typically assigned to those who had been snowbound, but I submit it is equally applied to stay-at-home parents in the sweltering southland. And Mr. Procrastination has been his usual laid-back self, saving the kitchen floor project until the last week of Jen's summer break.

It caused a bit of a mess, with ceramic tile, grout and mortar dust covering everything and the kitchen in general discombobulation. It still is slightly due to the "cascading project principle" that reveals a minimum of four other things that need to be upgraded due to the initial upgrade. But anything worth having is worth working for (and as Mr. P would add "worth waiting for, too"):

Thanks to Marshal for taking time out of two days to help with the toughest parts of the job. I hope I wasn't too much of a tittybabywanker perfectionist. He would patiently indulge my inquiries of why option B might be better, often capping the discussion off with the phrase, "Well I guess you better cut it then."

I can't fully express here the joy of knowing I will never again step on a razor-sharp chunk of loosened grout whilst scuttling barefooted to the sink in the mid night. We are going to have to keep poor Ballou's claws trimmed close though, as she resembles a newborn fawn every time she gets up.

I leave you all with this delightful sight of summer, taken a few minutes after the camera lens defogged:

The indica buds (that is Lagerstroemia indica, aka crepe myrtle).

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