December 18, 2006


Congratulations to all of You

One down, one to go. Ro-llin' Sto-owwwwn...

I always knew that this blogging thing would pay off. We, that is You, have been named Time magazine's Person Of The Year.

Actually, as I see it (which I suppose must be the way You see it as well) it seems the editors have again copped out with another of their nebulous selections à la "The Middle Americans" (1969), "The Computer" (1982), or "The Whistleblowers" (2002).

It could be worse. They could have chosen George W. Bush. For the third time. Or pulled a repeat of 1990 with "The Two George Bushes" (the nut may be close to the tree but is decidedly one dimensional in comparison).

But alas, I'll spare you further attempts at wit and simply refer you to Nora Ephron's column on today's HuffPo. There are some interesting takes in the comments posted to be sure.

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I am, of course, honored.

I guess I'll have to frame the cover for my parents......
I'm gonna have my poor old gray haired daddy driving my limo.
You Dr. Hook'd me, baby!

But ya know whut? You kin keep yer daddy cuz we got a lot of little teenage blue-eyed groupies
who do anything we say.

C'mon, Troll! @%^$
What they really need is a big magazine-declared-whatever-of-the-year party where the Person of the Year gets to kiss the Sexiest Man Alive.
So you can kiss George Clooney, right, Jen?
I actually have nothing to say,but I'm testing whether I can leave a comment now that I've updated to beta on the thing I use to comment on blogger accounts. I've had ever so many pithy remarks to make on your past posts which have been eaten by the Beta Monster.
I actually have nothing to say

Who are you and what have you done with David Rochester? You're one of Paula's cats, right?
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