August 24, 2005


Complete BS

I got the opportunity to interview a prominent federal politician today. Part of me is excited and engaged by politics but lately most of me is like screw it, nothing's gonna change. The trend lately is to accuse one's opposition of holding up the status quo. Funny thing is, there's so much ass-kissing of the status quo on both sides that old status' butt is looking pretty trim.

I'm reminded when speaking to persons of this ilk of the incredible amount of BS that it takes to achieve such a station in life. While they may be highly intelligent, there is this unassailable heap of crap that they ALL stand on; Democrat, conservative, Republican, liberal - it makes little difference. By the time one takes office in Washington, they have prostituted themselves to the point of tragedy.

One polite media way to refer to a politician is to say "lawmaker", which reveals a sad truth about our current representative government. Every day there are tens of thousands of these lawmakers and staff running about trying to figure out how to add their personal touch to the mountain of laws that already exist. In complete understanding of such no single person could possibly be. It's shocking and depressing all at once.

The only solution I can think of is to start requiring that elected officials spend a certain portion of each legislative session UNmaking laws. That way in about 100 years our great grandkids can live in a bureaucracy-free republic. WHACK! Wake up, dumbass ! ! Ain't never gonna happen! Too many livelihoods dependent on that stuff.

Here comes my sweetie to tell me to put on my fucking happy face.

and where is that happy face????
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