August 28, 2005



When is it going to stop being so hot? It has made me a complete slug as far as doing anything besides just my job. The indoor chores are about all I can muster motivation for. I stepped outside on Saturday at 11:00 and was like CRIPES how can you do anything in this heat ! !

If I'm going somewhere that will require being outdoors for a time, I make sure to turn off the A/C and go windows down just before I get there so as to acclimate to the swelterosity. It's gotten to where I can honestly say I dislike summer. Some people think I'm crazy for saying that, but they all live in Minnesota and Vermont.

The dogs are like, "Get serious" (oh bad pun, bad pun - no cookie!) when I try to coax them outside. I think sometimes Ballou has secretly learned to use the toilet, because she hardly ever goes out. And if the grass is wet, forget it, she's not putting her dainty paws on THAT, thank you.

Oh well, hopefully just another month of this and then the reward of my favorite season.

You scared me when you said "Cripes," but redeemed yourself almost instantly when you said "swelterosity." ;)

It is way too hot outside and I'm SO ready for fall. I've never ever liked the summer and the only place that has worse heat in the summer is Mississippi. Don't even get me started...

Stay cool. :)
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