August 18, 2005


Here goes...

Do a blog! Do a blog! Everybody tells me this, and I have resisted to date. Realizing the futility, and wanting to post comments other than "anonymous" (which to me amounts to "anonymASS"), I've caved to the pressure from co-workers, friends, family, and even complete strangers (on the web).

So what will I write here? Probably not a whole lot since I write for a living and as general rule prefer to be paid (stop that laughing). That and I'm pretty lazy. Part of me is like, "Why would people want to read this?" and then part of me says, "Why would I want to tell them this?"

But don't be discouraged lil' buckaroos, 'cuz I spend a lot of lazy time posting to various forums which is about as lame as doing a blog if not more so, so perhaps I will parlay my lazy time winnings into a more focused method of blogging.

Shouldn't this be called
We think so!
Oh, I forgot to mention one other reason to loathe blogging: smart ass comments by co-workers.
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