August 21, 2005


Today's subject: gas prices

William A. Rusher's column Sunday was on the Democrats' glee over Bush and Iraq's falling approval ratings. But hey, Rusher says, "The economy is in good shape, and despite all the predictions of disaster ahead, President Bush is certainly entitled to the lion's share of the credit."

Well a bad place to be politically on the economy is to have a bunch of numbers say it's raining and the bulk of the public feel like the government's pissing in its ear. George Will continued the conservative's three-card monty game by saying things like with inflation adjustments, gas prices aren't higher compared to this year and that year. He of course didn't go into detail on how middle class wages have stagnated, and the cost of living is out of whack with this year and that year.

Also, higher gas prices chip away much harder on the income of the poor. I can say they're definitely killing me and the S.O. We drive 122 miles round trip per day for work. Add to that me making little more than half the money I was making a year ago, insurance going up, and a ridiculous $.15 a mile from my company for on-the-job mileage. It adds up and we're jacked up - stuck at home a lot now because its too expensive to drive to Ocoee or Asheville or other places we like to go.

Good thing we started that war.

Eric gets 25 or 26 cents a mile at. Boooooo NPCO! It's insane, really.
don't know if my last comment on the subject made it through so i'll repeat it since i think it is worth being said again...even if nobody reads it. i'm new to this blog thingy. anyway, stop whining!!! gas prices should be higher!!! it makes us think twice about jumping in the ol' internal combustion global warmer for a spin down to the minimart for a twelver of suds and a bag of chips. with china amping up its industrial machine, the demand is only going to get worse. we pay the least for gas of any "developed" nation. like you i love getting away to the mountains or the coast to have fun, but i think we have to consider our use of a vehicle a luxury and not a right. let's breath cleaner air. trailbaiter
Yeah, I wanna say I'm a conservationist, but the prices being so high hits home hard. The ones driving the Hummers and all don't care (isn't that the Hummer slogan?)because even though it costs them $64 to fill up it's not making much of a dent in their wallet.

So I agree, we should drive less. It'll be nice when they get the hydrogen engine perfected. Then again, "they" always seem to find a way to screw the little guy.
[...] because even though it costs them (Hummer drivers) $64 to fill up [...]

Only $64? How much is gas out there, like $2.50 a gallon?

Buddy, out here in LA gas can be up to $3.75 per gallon, for 87 Octane. Fortunately, I got me one of them hippie-pinko-treehugging-liberal-faggoty Priuses, so I only fill up about once every 14 days or so even with a weekly commute of about 250 miles.

The thing that kills me about the gas is this: Last year, gas prices seemed to surge with every minor increase in oil prices. Cost of supply and all was the reason. Fair enough, if the Oil companies were paying more, I understand the product costing more. However, early this year oil prices were plummetting, yet gas prices not only didn't show a corresponding (and correspondingly rapid) decrease, they continued to go up! Those thieving bastards got us by the balls.

Say ... weren't both Bush and Cheney oil men?

Ook ook
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