September 11, 2005


Hear my storm a comin'

Look close on the left and you'll see the Greek god of the sea Poseidon, complete
with curled goatee and Jimi afro. It appears from the trees down
on the right that he is sucking very badly. Now in the upper right there's Howlin' Wolf...

Check out what I dug up out of some old documents. This gives some more background on my feelings about going to war. This letter was not published.

Letter to Time magazine, September 14, 2001

Our country has developed communication, transportation, science, and industry expeditiously in the past two centuries, giving rise to The American Age. Though this growth has created unprecedented socio-economic disparity, Americans have shone through to most of the world as a generous nation. In the face of achieving and performing the ability to instantly mass murder our own kind, we have since been models of caution and restraint. Now misguided souls are jealous of the power and prosperity of the U.S., and under a thin veil of religious sanctity they have perpetuated the latest international evil. Yet America is not without sin. Opposing our unity and fairness there is poverty and bigotry, entrenched partisanship that creates political apathy, and a general societal selfishness. I hope this tragedy pushes us more toward introspection and forgiveness than to retaliation and an unhealthy quest for justice. Our United States make up the greatest nation in history, warts and all, and we focus on our greatness for it's easy to do. But I pray that we avoid a white hot “War on Terrorism” and be more inspired to keep after those warts.

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