January 31, 2006


Mal Hayes

How about writing something instead of just posting something? There seems to be nothing of note to discuss - life is just going on as usual. Sleep, work/eat, leisure with TV (way too much) or Internet (borderline), sleep more. I used to fit "bike ride" into that schedule but I'm so far removed from that activity that I find it extremely difficult to get motivated for it. I think that's chiefly because once you get out of shape then it becomes a chore instead of a fun leisure time activity. The subtext to that is my ego of being "Mr. Kickass Mountain Biker" in days of yore and now thinking that if I can't just jump on the bike and be him again well then screw it.

I've got to get over that and sooner than later, for sure. I wish I had a quasi-dorky cruiser bike that was really comfortable to sit on and just putt around the neighborhood. Wait, there's another excuse for slack - the streets I have to choose from are the fairly fast traffic road we live on, a narrow road that has a wall of rock on one side and a creek on the other, and a U.S. highway. To do any riding in the nearest neighborhood I would have my choice of going up two streets that average a heinous 20 percent grade for a couple of blocks to get to the top and then cruise down the other side to another busy two lane road. So the preferred thing would be to load up the bike (s? Any chance the wife might be convinced to come?) and go to the Civil War (aka the War of Northern Aggression to some in these parts ) battlefield park, which has some decent roads to cruise on. Imagine the deflating my ego would endure should I hap upon a former pace line compadre (not that they'd notice me).

I do keep busy with the trails thing still, but in the shape I carry currently it wears me slap out. I've been out scouting and marking for a new route at a nearby state park. It's a project that's been put on the back burner for one reason or another for too long, and now that I've got a good look at it I realize it's gonna be a mutha. In some of the lowland creek areas the invasive privet hedge is so thick you can't see three feet into it. And once you get a corridor cut you'll be standing in perennial swamp land. It's the kind of challenge I like, though, very similar to my disposition on biking - anything worth having is worth working for. So lets log off before midnight here and see what tomorrow brings.

Life often feels like a chore. You gotta do what you can and dont worry about the rest.
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