January 21, 2006


Wheels rollin' again

I'm not making a big deal about blogging again after nearly two months. I just had to get that out out of the way, because frankly I 'm not going to sweat it anymore (as if).

Oh, one last rationalization: I HAVE been lurking and posting comments to several other blogs, I guess because the conversations are interesting. I've been drawn to some political and Grateful Dead blogs (some are even both), and to a degree I envy people with the discipline to blog every day, especially the politicos (though in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "What does their sink look like?").

I write for a living, so you'd think I could more frequently transfer interesting thoughts to this space, especially since my writing for work (ostensibly news) is pretty simple, often boring stuff. I just need more discipline. Ha, "more." Good one, Tim!

"(some are even both)"

Now WHO would that be? LOL

"What does their sink look like?"

Ha - Touche. We are about 65% through a remodel that has lasted eight years. I blog in betweeen working on the house on the weekend for a break as it's a busman's holiday, and evenings and mornings. It is addictive. But better than TV!

The sink gets cleaned regularly in spite. LOL
I feel your pain. Sometimes after a day chained to the keyboard it's hard to subject yourself to the same position at home.

Of course, I rarely wait two months between posts either ;)
"Of course, I rarely wait two months between posts either ;)"

It's a thankless job, but you've probably got karma to burn, yabeotch.
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