January 28, 2006


Which Prez?

I came across this interesting little survey at OKCupid, the Which U.S. President Are You Test. It will ask you 32 questions and determine which prez you are most like from FDR to Shrub. It is not based on political proclivity.

Me? Bill Clinton. Hmm, could be worse. I was kind of hoping for Harry Truman but at least it wasn't you-know-who. Good thing they didn't ask about mountain biking...

Take the test and then comment back here if you will.

Okay.... I took the test. George H.W. Bush. It could have been worse, at least I kept the H. When it gave the results, it provided a small biography of the Prez. I had NOTHING in common with that little biography! Not a DAMN thing! Not born in Mass., not in Yale, not in the Military, not on the baseball team in college.

I find this quiz to be dubious, that I do.
I'm not at liberty to evaluate your satisfaction of this particular presidential assessment at this junk-sher. Nope, nahgahundoit.
J.F.K.? Don't think so.

JFK - wealthy family, ME - lower middle class

JFK - Addison's Disease, ME - healthy

JFK - military service, ME - nope

JFK - saved 3 men, ME - saved three friends from sleeping with fat women when they were drunk, not exactly a match but...

JFK - fav food clam chowder, ME - I answered steak when they asked about fav food.

The quiz is suspect!
I am not sure how to answer Question 31 - Has any member of your family ever had nude photos published? How do I answer this, O'Tim?

That being said, I am 33% like Jimmy Carter. I will accept that, though I do not purport to be as great of a humanitarion as he. But I have been to Georgia - does that count?
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