February 01, 2006


Anyone? Anyone? Mark?

Well it's been nearly two weeks with no reply from Mark at Knockin' on the Golden Door. I didn't mention it before but the other main reason I engaged him (besides that he's a Deadhead, seems intelligent, and likes to talk politics) was because of this post on KOTGD:

Bloggers Wanted
I would like to add some more Left-leaning bloggers to my blogroll, and I don't mean raving lunatic, anti-Israel, pro-Bin Laden types like the little old lady from Tallahassee.

And they have to be able to take some criticism without whining and crying and getting all pushed out of shape because of a "snarky" remark.

And they have to be able to take some licks back when they tell me where to get off without emailing all my other links and telling them what an absolute ogre I am. I mean, I know I can be an asshole, but I have some redeeming qualities too.

Anyone lurking out there that cares to step up to the challenge?

E-mail me. I don't bite. At least, not very hard.

Those ground rules sound OK, and I continued to lurk at his blog after his last email on Jan. 18 and still after my "breakout" post here (see Thursday, January 26 post: Opposition - For your health!). I've commented several times to a number of his posts and received but two acknowledgements from him, brief and specifically germain to those two posts (can you find them?). No "Hey what's up?" or "I'm planning to get back to our conversation."

You can see from my blog links to the left that KOTGD is listed. Mark stated on his blog about not linking anyone unless they linked him, which I took to be a bit childish, but hell, it's his blog. FWIW I gave him "permission" to put me on his blogroll, though I don't percieve myself in the same league of serious everyday bloggers that make the bulk of his list.

Anyway Mark, I'm here to say don't sweat it. I've decided that you and most of your pals aren't worth losing sleep over (hey, I'm usually up past midnight anyway). Besides, I seem to be something of a thread killer on your comments pages. It's been fun, sorta. You're welcome here anytime.

You are the postin'fool lately, Sirrah!

I wouldn't sweat it.. Your experience matches mine. Mark tends to talk a different game than he plays, and seems to lose interest in people who 1) disagree with him and 2) can't be drawn down to the childish level of his own blog. A childish level they are quite proud of, if you read a current thread on that blog.And I was a thread-killer there, as well, except when someone could be pissy. They tend to be more like our administration. When someone disagrees with them, they just harangue that person and color them as being sympathetic to "them". When I said something agreeable, I was largely ignored. And facts, man, you're too into facts! How can facts bother someone who is immune to them? Did you notice that "pro-Bin laden" tag he put on lefties? Anyone who heard Bush himself speak recently when asked about the new "Bin Laden" tape now knows that nothing we do is about Bin Laden. Bush isn't too concerned with finding him anymore, it seems. He never WAS, it seems to me.

Also, Marks bit about the occasional "snarky" comment is bull. He will not hesitate to call you an asshole, tell you you're stupid, and paint you as a sympathiser of Bin Laden's, all without knowing a thing about you, then make it out to be your fault if you are so "thin skinned" that you are actually offended by that. I recently saw him complaining that someone judged him without knowing him, and I laughed out loud. He does that to others every day! He called me a "lefty-loon" many times! You know, Tim, that I am to the right of you. I am also to the right of where Mark USED to be. He says that he became a Republican because he went into business for himself, now the people who stand where he used to are "loons". How's THAT for political sincerity?

The final straw came when A person named Paula, who is Mark's female clone, stated that the Homeland Security folks must be doing a good job, since there have been no more attacks on our soil. Boy, did I get hammered- with sarcasm, not facts-- for disagreeing with THAT. Never mind that it is CLASSIC "correlation as causality" logic. In fact it is identical in form to the Pastafarian argument that global warming his inversely proportional to the number of pirates in the world. They choose to believe in it, though, because they NEED to. It makes them feel better. In fact, did you know that they have stopped NUMEROUS attacks, but didn't grab any credit this time (no "mission accomplished" banner for THESE tireless warriors) because they don't want to alert Al Queda about their methods? Did you know that only a naive fool would believe anythig else?

Plainly put, you did your best, Tim. When someone who THINKS is in a discussion with people who only FEEL, that first person is bound to be frustrated.
I'm surprised, Joe. As far as I knew you and I had no problems past the initial bump, and after that I considered you an asset at my site. Then you disappeared. Now you're here slamming me. All I can say is at least I don't cruise others' sites takliking shit about people. Have a nice life.

O'Tim: you're blogrolled. Have a nice day.
Boy, I really upset you, Joe. Here you are still obsessing about my little comment from, what, months ago? Poor baby.
All I can say is at least I don't cruise others' sites takliking shit about people.

But Mark, you don't need to; you do plenty of that on your own site. [winkies!]

Joe, are you a non-blogger blogger like me?
I was a bit nervous to see that I had eight comments accrued since my post last night. I used the excuse of a pretty busy day at work to put off reading them until after din-din. This is SO cool!

Joe - I can relate to your frustration with the KOTGD crowd (you certainly went further than I had thought to go), but to me that seems half the fun of blogging. Mark has admitted himself an asshole and Paula a shithead. This in fact jibes with something Jerry Garcia once said to a friend of mine who waited for hours to meet (or more accurately accost) him in a hotel corridor. The preoccupied and slightly annoyed Garcia simply shook his hand on the way into the elevator and said, "Ya know, we're all just a bunch of assholes." Sure, self-effacement seems to be a strong trait for neither Mark nor Paula, but look at their blogrolls (and the title of mine). The world would be absolutely unbearable if everyone agreed with each other.

I recommend, Joe, you get a blog going. You're the kind of intelligent, wordy bastard that fits right into the blogosphere (I swear I'll give up using that word if Paula stops saying "peeps"). I promise I'll come by and talk shit about whomever you want.

Paula - welcome.

Mark - thanks for the placement. I guess I was just lonely. Truce?

Wiggy - send me your email if you're not going get a blog (otim@charter.net). Or maybe you and Joe could hook up on one, "The Wiggy Trolls vs. PaulaMark - tonight, on Pay-per-View ! ! "
"Mark - thanks for the placement. I guess I was just lonely. Truce?"

Considering I didn't even know thjere was a war on in the first place and that I blogrolled you after reading all this, I think that goes without saying.

As far as Joe is concerned, if I did half of what he has accused me of, it seems to me I would be the kind to leave a comment telling hiom to go fuck himself. I didn't do that, did I? I think Joe is prone to a fair amount of exaggeration, and my comments are evidence of that.

I have called bloggers asses, and certain individuals fucktards (like Stein), but Joe has painted a really shitty picture that has little to do with reality.

I suggest you watch your back the first time you say something he doesn't agree with.

I think he and Wiggy both need to get their meds adjusted.
BTW, the best evidence that Joe is as full of shit as the day is long is his assertion that "I became a Republican...."

I'd like to know where he got that idea, because it's news to me.
I don't consider a public forum that I have seen you comment on previously to be "talking behind your back". Sure smoked you out, though, didn't I? I figured you would be TROLLING around, and that this would get you to type. If you've been looking in, why didn't you reply to O'Tim?

I suppose I did go too far, farther than I had intended, and a PARTIAL apology is in order and is offered, but only partial. I guess it's regretful that you don't like the picture I painted, and it's understandable that you see things differently, but it's drawn from the way I was really made to feel as a participant at your site. Let's face it....I was talked down to, treated like a moron, and called several unkind names at your site. And I HAVE seen you make a lot of snap judgements about people....me included.... that you would have had no way of verifying, yet you resent it happening to you.

I guess I just don't like the "low level of debate" that the rest of you claim to enjoy. That's why I've been leaving your site alone. You won't see another word about it from me here, either.

Oh, and Paula.... it was just a couple weeks ago. And it isn't one comment that obsesses me. It's the cumulative effect of every snide, abusively sarcastic, assumptive piece of crap you've ever written to me that makes me not like you much.
I think he and Wiggy both need to get their meds adjusted.

Whoa! Man oh man you can sure stoop, uh... But hey, Mark, why don't you try some o' mine - they are fu-Uunn!

Seriously, Mark, wouldn't you prefer that we get our political views adjusted? Or, is it just too, too fun to get all snarky at us? ;-)

O'Tim - you can reach me at writetowiggy@yahoo.com and thanks for letting me get snarky on your site! :-)
Thanks Wiggy, I'll be in touch (so we can begin to build our vast left-wing conspiracy).

For future reference:

Snarky, adj.[Informal] touchy, short-tempered, irritable, etc.

Or perhaps it could mean to act like the creature in Lewis Carroll's absurdist poem:

"The rest of my speech" (he exclaimed to his men)
"You shall hear when I've leisure to speak it.
But the Snark is at hand, let me tell you again!
'Tis your glorious duty to seek it!"
Stop whining, Joe. It makes people hate you.
(so we can begin to build our vast left-wing conspiracy)

Cool! I love left-wing conspiracies.

Stop whining, Joe. It makes people hate you.

Hmm. I didn't know that... Whining causes hate. Hmm. Explains a few things...
Stop whining, Joe. It makes people hate you.

I'll endeavor to persevere.
I'll endeavor to persevere.

Right on, bro'. But, you are an amateur compared to others...
An amateur what?
An amateur what?

Whiner, but of course. We all are, Joe, compared to you know who.

But we all must endeavor to persevere. ;-)
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