February 04, 2006


Equal time


This is Ballou. She is Brisbane's 9-year-old "sister" and was named after the Jane Fonda character Cat Ballou. She was a stray, so we have no papers for her but have it on good authority that she is a pure bred miniature Australian Shepherd. It's hard for us to believe that someone let her loose. She is not the sharpest tack in the box, but makes up for that with her affection and generally obedient nature. She is affectionate like a friendly cat - she cannot get close enough to you even if she just met you two minutes ago. Too much affection is usually not possible (we say she gets horrible "love mileage"), but she occasionally likes to have alone time in one of several of her "small places" around the house. She knows no stranger, which worries us sometimes. She plays very fierce with her brother and with the neighborhood cats and squirrels (she boxes her paws through the fence at them in a frantic manner). She feigns incorrigible sibling rivalry with her brother, but deep down she loves him.

Her nicknames include:

Baby Cheeks - for her huge inner jowls that make her "click" when she pants
Menehune - for the mythical Hawaiian little people
Wiggle-butted Badgerskunk

Additional facts:

Her small ways cannot be discerned
Her snufflability averages 102-116 percent
She is the foot-chewinest dog ever
She has cottony softnesses unparalleled
She does not like to go out in the dewey wet grasses
She is the total package of a princess

So when do they get a Dogster page???
Hmm, I've only given Dogster a quick peruse (though I look at the Dog Star a lot). Not sure if I need another thing to keep on the computer. Takes away from doggie time, ya know!
Cute dawgs! 9Cats rule though.) Finally stupid Blogger is working again, but I'm not in the mood to poast now. Y'all will have to wait until tomorrow. Try to be strong.
It only takes a few minutes to put up a page for your dogs. Seems like a nice way to immortalize them.

And it's free.
She's a beauty....
Cats may rule, but dogs do drool (sometimes right on my damn foot when I'm holding a treat). Years ago I was a cat person, Paula, and I still like them OK as long as they're gregarious and not aloof. So that's what, about two percent of cats? Reearrr phfft! ;)
The Wiggle-butted Badgerskunk is a close cousin to C.J., the Wiggle-butted Honey Badger!
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