February 02, 2006


Tongue-tied by a yellow ribbon

People are going apeshit over Joel Stein's recent article on Iraq and the troops.

It was ballsy for sure, but I thought the article was quite insightful; a good mix of righteous indignation for the sheeple and some sarcasm. That it's weighted more with the former is uncharacteristic for Stein, but he gets his usual snarky digs in, which is why I can see sensitive types getting all huffy over it.

The likes of Stein and Michael Moore do tend to go over the top, but I think the reaction from the right wingnuts is akin to slapping a blind person (a physical, not a moral simile).

My soapbox/.02 - until there is a clear exit strategy for Iraq (the point of my righteous jones for an entrance strategy is practically moot, so we won't go there), then war supporters need to give up the notion that the dissenters are the dangerous ones. Go see Why We Fight, and fly your flag with me on July 4 (and any other day we please, hallelujah). Mine will be up for those Americans in harm's way, it'll also be up for the dad who protests the military recruiters being in his son's high school, and the 19-year-old widow who told a reporter, "I just feel that enough is enough."

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BTW - Yes I do read my posts. The difference between dissenters and Joel Stein is that Joel Stein won't support the troops, even. And criticizes those who do.

Big difference from, say, YOU. Who I don't have a problem with for expressing a different POV than mine.

I have many friends and readers who don't feel the war is right. Stein took it to a whole new level that should be unacceptable to anyone who professes to be opposed to the war but supportive of this country as you seem to be.

I hope that's clear this time.
Stein's article is incredible. I have stood my ground on supporting the troops but not the war, but this really makes me re-think that position. As a pacifist I must take Stein to task about being a wussy. It takes more guts to be a pacifist these days than to follow the herd of right wing lemmings...
I think Neil Young hit it on the head when he changed "Support Our Troops" to "Support Our War".
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