April 15, 2006


God's Greatest Hits

Meeting my monthly quota to Flickr, I've uploaded a new batch of photos of some of my favorite places and a few people down heyah. Here's a preview with some that didn't make the cut (by the quota not the quality):

The view westward over the Tennessee River Gorge from the brow of Raccoon Mountain.

Chickamauga National Military Park, site of the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

Barry and Nat survey the new trail layout at Raccoon Mountain.

Zach Duncan, semi-pro trail builder, ponders his layout at Raccoon Mountain.

Check out more at my Flickr page. For best results, maximize your screen, select the pic and then click "all sizes" to zoom to full. Note: the grainy shots were originally from film. I haven't been able to find a place that can decently convert film to digital. Any thoughts? Please feel free to comment on any of the photos here or on the Flickr page.

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