April 27, 2006


Lay Roots in the Country for the Weekend

Short notice, I know, but if you're in the neighborhood:

(click on poster to better see fine print)

I can vouch for Deep Blue Sun, a great alt country rock outfit from Atlanta, and Ralph Roddenbery, a great singer/songwriter based in Athens, Ga. As for the rest, I'm sure the good karma of Cherokee Farms would attract no slack musicians.

20 bones at the gate, BYOB ! !

More info on this and other great shows at T-Dawg's website

Sounds like a blast, but.....NO DAWGS??!!???
Oh there'll be Dawgs (and their music) of all kinds ;)

As for DOGS, it says that cuz of the folks who bring dogs and don't keep them under control or clean up after them. You know, the 10% asstard rule? So yeah, no dogs *wink*
Always a few who ruin it for the many.
That's why everyone should have a snake! "But officer, the sign said no DOGS....... it didn't say anything about 14 foot Burmese Pythons......"

Sounds like fun, in fact it sounds like the kind of fun I've been missing, but I don't think I'm going to that side of town this weekend.
T-dawg sez he plans to have a few more 'nannies through the summer and fall, and he thinks he's got Tony Rice and Peter Rowan lined up for one of 'em ! ! !
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