April 06, 2006


Oh yeah, it's still Thursday

Inspiration! Move me brightly...

Per the latest rush of Thursday Thirteens and Mark's recent travelogue...

Thirteen of my favorite towns/cities (not in order of preference):

1. Chicago, IL (the birthplace and home for 17+ years)

2. Santa Cruz, CA (Fiat Slug!)

3. Santa Fe, NM (a place I'd live for sure)

4. San Francisco, CA (What's wrong with Baghdad by the Bay?)

5. Asheville, NC (The Madison, WI of the south - practically paradise)

6. Washington, D.C. (I want to get to all the museums before I die)

7. Amsterdam, Holland ((((((( )))))))

8. Athens, GA (my favorite college town - music's not bad either)

9. New Orleans, LA (ain't been there lately)

10. Reno, NV (blows Vegas away because of the Sierras)

11. Jerusalem, Israel (as old school as you can get - I'd love to bike through the Old City)

12. Chattanooga, TN (the current homestead and just right)

13. Madison, WI (my second favorite college town - oh but it's cold!)

Ooh! I forgot about Amsterdam! Damn! LOL

I was in Chattanooga overnight October before last. I wish I could ave spent more time there. I wanted to hit Lookout Mountain but it was in the middle of a HUGE thunderstorm. We decided to just press on for Memphis. I really enjoyed Tennessee, Jed.
Re: Santa Fe

So what's stopping you?
I like Tennesee as well. Nashville is a very cosmopolitian city. Great deli there called "Noshville"
JtT - It's this thing my wife has called roots, very strong amongst the Crackers.

Besides, I can never find the place, always taking a wrong toin at Albakoikey!

Speaking of which, did you move yet? Do YOU know the way to Santa Fe?
Mark - if your doggie turns to you and says you better get back to Tennessee, well you've got a place to stay (and even if Maggie doesn't master English).

I think I will post up some photos of God's country on my Flickr soon...

1)So stick her in some hydroponic solution and come on out! NM needs teachers too!

2) I hate to say this, but to get to Santa Fe, you would want to turn RIGHT. Once you get there, though, it's artsy-fartsy liberalism all the way!

3) I'm getting the bulk of it done this weekend, after doing bits and pieces of it done all week.

I visit Santa Fe for business two days a week, in fact. It's only about an hour away, and I'm starting to build a good customer base there, so I might end up spending even more time there in the future. I've seen some good shows up there as well!
Love Chicago.
Love Santa Fe.
Love San Francisco.

I miss Chicago. I grew up in Michigan, and it was merely a 3-hour drive to be the windy city. Man, I really miss Chicago. Lucky for me, however, I now live in Denver, merely 5-1/2 hours from Santa Fe, which I adore (no, Joe, I haven't been there since I've "known" you!). I really hope to live out my golden years in Santa Fe as an eccentric artist. Finally, visited San Francisco for the first time a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to spend more time there.
The MonkeyWife is a Slug, so I guess that kind of makes you a distant cousin?

Me, not a direct slug, sorry. Go Bears.

Ook ook
Yes this thing called roots makes me stay where I am. I do love to travel but don't really want to live anywhere else. My favorites are Barcelona, Florence, Asheville, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe. So there.

You must have been from the SW part of Michigan, as it usually took about 8 hours to get from our house in Huntley, Il. to Grandma's place in Garden City, Mi.


Go Bears, indeed!
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Went to college at Michigan State, which was about a four-hour drive to Chi-town.

Careful, I might take you up on that offer!!!

Seriously, very kind, thank you. I would love to see your pics of Tennessee.

Nashville was great as well, Tim. We spent our anniversary there. Hit The Hermitage while there, but didn't have time for the GOO.

Joe, don't you guys have a certain ultra-conservative sherriff kicking around the Southwest? Arpaio or something? ;0)>

I think the guy you're talking about is in Arizona. The only time the cops here want to catch someone is when a cop is killed.
Isn't Arizona part of the Southwest?

DIdn't say it wasn't. I was narrowing it down for you.
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