April 06, 2006


A well-aged post (more lazy blogging)

Since we're in a bash righty kind of mood, I've got to tip my cap to Archer for this:


"I republish my remarks of March 25, 2005, as I am unable to improve them. Out of respect for Terri's memory, however, I won't re-post the picture of Terri as a moldy,worm-eaten corpse until tomorrow."


If you doubt this country is firmly in the hands of whackos, try the following scientific experiment.

Take a sperm and an ovum and put them together in a Petri dish.

Put the Petri dish on your front porch. Leave it overnight.

In the morning there will be a bunch of Republicans in front of your house, all crying and praying and screaming.

You could put Terry Schiavo's brain out on your front porch, too, right next to the Petri dish. Terri wouldn't miss her brain, and Terri's brain wouldn't miss Terri, but that wouldn't stop the Republicans. Pretty soon you'd have so many Republicans on your lawn you couldn't count them, including the President and the entire United States Congress.

Is this a great country, or what?

One of the reasons we're a great country is, we're practical. There's a practical way to make sense out of this titanic moral and legal mess. All we have to do is to take a cold, hard look at the economics...

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