May 08, 2006


Hoos yer daddy pootenanny

Yes, the Hootenanny was a hoot indeed. But the sad fact is that we are getting older. The weekend’s host, however, was in fine form. He’s a 65-years-young hippie, co-inventor of modern climbing/safety rope, who wants nothing more than to have more hippies come share his couple hunnert acres with celebrations of music, dance, fire, rugby, basketweaving, varmint trapping, skinny dipping, golf-cart racing and sundry libations. I can’t say as I’ve met a more genuine soul, and there are many dozens if not hundreds more whom I’m sure agree.

I ended up sacking out before midnight, though the others in our party made good till 2 a.m. or later (read Beelers' version of events). My imbibement v. time alloted ratio was skewed. Add 40 years, dancing/shaking of lard, and a depressing drizzle (that thankfully didn't begin until after dark) and you may see the recipe for early retirement. So there you have it – I am of the age where pacing is paramount, even if the throwdownhoedown only comes a few times a year.

It looks like I’ll get lots of practice, though, what with about one ‘nanny a month scheduled till fall, not to mention the open invite to come camp on the farm anytime. Looking forward to the workout...

Sounds like a good time. ALSO sounds like you could use those workouts, ya old fart!!!!!
And a good time was had by all. It almost rivaled the hippie mud fest had by all in Buckeye Lake.
And we get to do it again soon! I'm so glad you guys were there. Looking forward to the next one. Hoot Hoot!
It almost rivaled the hippie mud fest had by all in Buckeye Lake.


And we get to do it again soon!

I thought it was "never again...never again..."

=8:{ )>
Boo hoo....I'll be in Europe. Don't have too much fun without me.
Oh, we'll try! Not because we are without you, but because you'll be in Europe. I'll trade.... no wait. You'll be in Europe with kids. Nevermind. I'll take a Hootenanny.

Never again... until June 9th. And July 22nd. And two in August. Hoot Hoot!
O'Tim - Are you a GP fan?
Glad to see there are at least some children of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test who haven't sold out their souls, principles, values, morals, ethics, and beliefs.

Skinny dipping and rugby. Now that's a good time.

Ook ook
O'Tim - Are you a GP fan?

Gomer Pyle?

General Practitioner?

Georgia Peach?

Grand Poobah?

Green Poontang? (Captain Kirk was a fan!)

Gastric Pain?

Grizzled Prospector?

Ganja Paraphenalia?
Joe -

Get Phucked!


Gram Parsons, ya goof!
Gotcha, Pardner.
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