May 31, 2006


This just in...


Obviously, I haven't been in much of a blogging mood of late. But fear not! The O'fficial O'Tim News Caption Contest is now online! Give this one yer best shot. There will be prizes awarded (I hear Paula's got some prune juice).

I told you to move the truck before that sapling got any bigger.
The first day I saw that thing (it must have been just a couple of days after it was installed) I was taken aback. What the hell? That is susposed to look like a tree?
Have you seen it lately? It's now got the extension antennae at the top (like on most cell towers you see) so it looks extra-silly.

C'mon folks, give us your captions (save Mark from the prune juice).
When do I get my prune juice?
Okay, here's mine:

Captain: Up scope!

XO: Up scope!

Captain: Status report!

XO: I can't see the forest for the tree, sir!
Enjoy that prune juice, dude, you win!
An ent fell asleep in the forest and woke up with a woody when the trucks back-up beeper stirred him.
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