June 25, 2006


Downtown with Junior Brown

I've lived in the south since 1987, and among the things that I have barely acclimated to is the summer humidity. Although it has totally wimpified me to my native Chicago winters, there is one thing I appreciate about it - the live music and beer available on weekends ! !

Chattanooga has a great free summer concert series downtown at Miller Plaza, a nice brick-terraced area with a stage that, along with closing off a block of MLK Boulevard, can accomodate a thousand folks or so. I've caught acts as diverse as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Charlie Hunter, Adrian Belew, the Sun Ra Arkestra, R.L. Burnside and last night, Junior Brown.

Junior is a real crowd-pleaser with his mix of honky tonk, surf riffs and blues jamming, working his "git-steel" for all it's worth. It was a joy to watch and listen.

Man- we have an MLK BLVD., but nothing like that happening on it. You're lucky!
Although you left me alone with Tony for too long and then forget the alcohol for me, I had a great time too.
A number of years ago I worked at an ad agency in Michigan, and we had Junior Brown play at one of our parties. Dude was so entertaining and played the shit out of his git. We rapped for a while that night. Super-cool guy.
and then forget the alcohol for me

I think you've had enough, young lady!

=8:{ )>
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