June 08, 2006



Jen's off to Europe for two weeks, and I've been sick with some stomach/intestinal bug for two days. I hope I get rid of this shit soon, though in the literal sense of volume that's not been a problem.

Another music festival is at our beloved Cherokee Farms (of last month's Hootenanny fame) this weekend. It's called Georgia On The Groove and it will benefit local school music programs. It's being put on by the Curbow Lutherie Education Foundation, created in honor of master luthier Greg Curbow who died last August from brain cancer. You guitar players may have heard of him - he made some high-dollar stuff and had one of his bass designs licensed by Cort.

Good people, a good cause, and a bunch of partying hippies giving back to the community. What more could we ask? Cabbage maybe?

The Groove starts Friday evening but I won't be there till Saturday as I have scheduled an interview with the fellows that are Infradig, a local band that's playing the opening night of Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival. Bonus - they are followed by Al DiMeola! Infradig is all instrumental, an eclectic mix of jazz and funk with some trippy synth stuff mixed around in it. They've been compared to one of my faves Medeski, Martin and Wood, and next week they really hit the big time with an appearance at the famous Bonnaroo Festival in a late-night (1:30-2:30) set following Radiohead. I'm looking forward to talking with them. Our photographer got us passes that I hope are good for the whole week, because Sam Bush, Tea Leaf Green, Derek Trucks, Los Lonely Boys, and the Allman Bros. are also on the bill.

Between the Groove and Riverbend, it looks like a week of some great live music.

Sounds like a lot of fun....hope you're feeling healthy enough to enjoy it.
Cabbages! Cabbages! (Barely even human)

It sounds to me like you will be all by yourself tonight and come on down after Riverbend. Oh yes. We'll squeeze you in our mansion tent.
I've had a tummybug this week, too. Seems to be gone now; hope yours is as well. Have fun with the moozic!
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