July 13, 2006


Blood for oil?

Perhaps not - but one thing's for sure, "staying the course" in Iraq is wearing thin among most Americans save those staunchest supporters of the invasion. Robert Greenwald's new documentary Iraq For Sale may give good reason for why the United States of Haliburton/KBR is poisoning any altruistic efforts to fight jihadists effectively.

Check out the trailer:

Still not convinced? Check this out for a list of offenses and, if you're so inclined, job opportunities.

Blood for oil? Maybe.
Blood will boil? For most true patriots I'd bet on it.

I'll have to see that.
"If they had told him he was going to be shot at, he wouldn't have gone" - WTF??!? Sorry, what idiot goes to Iraq and thinks he won't be in harm's way?

20-20 hindsight is a good way to ease the pain and forget that the initial lure of a big payday was the motivation behind what was a pisspoor decision in the first place.
Yes, I'll be less inclined to care about the sob stories than the facts behind the assholes at the top who are exploiting these rubes.
Why is it exploitation?

Are they being paid less than the going rate? I don't think so. From the sound of things, they are making a hell of a lott more in Iraq than they would here in the States.

Are they being drafted? No. Pressedd into service against their will? No. I guess the obvious answer is that they are too stupid to know better? Doesn't say much about your opinion of the average American.

Part of what blew Kerry's campaign out of the water was the liberal tendency to assume that the averasge American is an unsophisticated, uneducated moron, rather than giving them credit for having a modicum of intelligence and being the backbone of this country.

This is just more of the same thinking.

These same "rubes'" fathers, grandfathers and uncles died on the beaches at Normandy. I'd be fucking insulted and pissed if I was working in Iraq and the liberal machine assumed to speak for me through asinione movies like this.

Get ready for another four+ years of Republican administrations as long as this bullshit keeps circulating.
Easy there, Mr. Coulter.

The left, to the detriment of its political campaigns, knows the truth about the "average" American, or more accurately "the (slim) majority" of Americans.

The right, which you so quickly apologize for, has the game down inasmuch that for them (quoting:)

"It is about avarice, control, and power. The current crop of media-master, think-tank, neocon fascists know all the emotional hot buttons that will strike a chord with uneducated, unsophisticated voters. This country has degenerated into an embarrassing crop of mass-think, knee-jerk xenophobes who have been agitated by this and other nonissues into surrendering their rights and their children's futures to the ever expanding threat of the fear-mongering, military industrial complex and powerbrokers. They have lost the ability to glean any real truths from history, psychology, or even genuine religious teachings. They ignore the corruption and misdeeds of these 'leaders' partly because the Churches have sold out to equally corrupt, centralized religious voices that have no interest in peace, justice, or even moral rectitude, and who have no goal other than personal profit."

And that, Mark, speaks VOLUMES about my opinion of the majority of Americans.
I don't recall apologizing for the right, Mr. Sheehan.


Fuck this, let's talk about music. Seen any good showss lately? We're going to see CSN&Y in a week or two.

Find the cost of freedom.....you know the rest.
Mark- Have you seen this movie yet? If you are judging it by a trailer alone, then you really don't know what it says, do you? Deciding what it says without seeing it doesn't count.

If you CHOOSE to do a job, you DO have the right to complain later if the job was mis-represented by those that hired you. I took the job of managing a DirecTV office, only to find that the guy in charge of hiring/training told me almost NOTHING that was true. Can you say for certain that this did NOT happen here? The trailer does not give enough info to deny that that is what happened. It's just a fucking trailer, after all.

Bush got 51% of the vote, which is not "blowing someone out of the water". It IS enough to know that roughly 51% of Americans are "unsophisticated, uneducated morons". That's what it took to want 4 more years of Bush's shit. I don't see how one can make a case that his administration is helping America at this point.

My own father was at that beach in Normandy, and he not only hates Bush, but he'd take a whack at you just for having the hubris to invoke Normandy at all. He'd tell you that he didn't jump out of that plane just to give neocons a political tool in a completely unrelated war that bears no similarities. I've heard him say as much when we discussed the war.

I'd like to know, Mark, why it is that you attack anything that's against this war as "propaganda" without even seeing/hearing/reading it, yet you give a pass to such obvious propaganda as Ann Coulter's rants? What about all the proven lies that started this war, weren't they propaganda? Isn't it propaganda to suggest, as the Republicans do, that anyone who doesn't like the way the war is being run wants America to lose? Isn't it propaganda to say "Support Our Troops" while short changing those troops on armor? Is it patriotism to cry for tax cuts during wartime? How about cutting VA benefits for our "heroes in uniform" while giving that huge ass tax break to the oil industry? Is it patriotic to support only those lies that get our servicemen killed?

One statement we agree on- Americans are smarter than the folks in Washington give them credit for. That's why the war- and this administration- are so fucking unpopular now.

Now, if anyone wants to talk about MUSIC, I know a fine forum for doing so...... just click on my name.
Music hath charms to sooth the savage breast....

Fuck that movie, Joe. What's next from the Troll's underground stash??
I gave a clue.... and you have a very good chance of guessing it this week. Care to try?
More wisdom from the Godfather (pt. 3), this time for Mark:

"Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in."

Too bad you're smarter than the average American, dude - we almost had ya!

=8:{ )>
I'll take that compliment!

I slipped out of that one nicely, didn't I???

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