July 18, 2006


The Hoot & The Humidity

Once again, T-Dawg and crew bring the Back Porch Hootenanny to town. We'll be there (where are those dang bells?). How 'bout you?

What's Gans' music like? Is it any more intelligent thaan the self-serving blather he pukes out on the GDHour?
I've never seen him perform, but he does solo electric for the most part. I've never heard him play his own stuff on the GD hour (not saying he hasn't).

My peeve with the show is when he allots half of it to some boring interview or a "Drums > Space" from the Bumblefuck Coliseum '87.
Check his blog if you want self-serving crap. But he reguylarly takes Bush to task so I guess he's da bomb.

Oooh, cold!

Check his blog if you want self-serving crap.

As we know all OUR blogs are bastions of public service...

=8:{ )>
I never heard him play his own music on the show, it's his presence that I define as self-serving blather. Frankly. he's the reason that it never became a regular listen for me.
Hey, I have The Daily Vargas. That most definitely is a public service.

Or maybe a pubic serviced.

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