July 31, 2006


A new look, a new leaf

As you can see I spent a couple of "productive" hours rearranging the template for this blog. It uses the red color family and some fancy fonts to which I'm partial. The background is an homage to he for whom this blog is named (MPATHG scene XX); he who can summon up fire without flint or tinder; he who knows the location of the cave of Caerbannog, wherein, carved in mystic runes upon the very living rock, the last words of Olfyn Bedweir of Rheged make plain the last resting place of the... Oh, OK it's John Cleese in a silly ram's horn helmet thingy.

And now for something completely different. After thirteen years of marriage and about five or six of sitting on the fence with regards to starting a family, Jennifer and I have become expectant parents! The essential mixing of the procreative cocktail happened quick, too, for we only began trying (a very strange term if you ask me) at the end of June, and she's in week five now.

My sister Julie has "respectfully" submitted the following name suggestions:

Botond (Hungarian) - mace welding warrior (no one will mess with HIM at the playground)
Hont (Hungarian) dogbreeder/friend of dogs (need I say more?)

Kamella (Hungarian) - young ceremonial attendant (whatever THAT is...)
Zigna (Hungarian) - gypsy girl (maybe a Dead Head in the making?)

Delling (Scandanavian) - scintillating (witty - like his/her DaDa)
Loki (Scandanavian) - trickster god (did you see Dogma?)

I'm not sure what her predisposition to Hungarian names is all about. Jennifer was mildly, and very briefly, amused. I'm strangely drawn to Hont myself - hey, the middle name is for fun or idiotic family names, right? Well anyway, we've got about seven and a half months to think about it (the official due date is April 3), and after the ultrasound that determines the gender (no pictures, I promise) we'll have it narrowed down by fifty percent.

Boy: Bajo
Girl: Tiffa
Either: Monkey

You can now stop your search.

Girl: Velveeta (American)

Boy: Mxystplk (5th Dimensionian)
Congratulations, you two!

Boy - Jack (Straw)

Girl - Sugar Magnolia (What else?)
Again, congrats to you both! I'm happy for ya!

I think "Dawnia" is a fine name.

Back when I entertained such thoughts about squirting out a critter. "Destiny Reanna Powers" or "Destiny Lawrence".
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