August 09, 2006


Goodbye, Jerry

From the archives, an excerpt from a long letter I was composing to an old college buddy at the time of Jerry Garcia's death on August 9, 1995:

Well now, if that is not just fate. I got the news today (oh boy) about a lucky man who made the grave. The cork is popped, so here's a toast:

"To one of my best friends and definitely one of my heroes. Thank you for a real good time! With a tear in my eye and a smile on my face (for there is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile) I wish you the fondest farewell. You certainly lived longer than you might have, but you definitely died sooner than you should have. I will miss you terribly. Have a good trip!"

Well Joe, I done shared all of mine now, so I guess it will have to be some Jack of your own when you get here. It is somewhat sad yet nice to know that we saw Jerry at the last place he ever played. Ironic that it was my first show within the limits of the city I was born in. I'm not sure where it goes from here, but I am certain that the torch is still lit and must needs be carried.

And so I do.

Oops - I originally had August 8, 1995.
Cool tat!
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