August 18, 2006


MTIH 1st Blogoversary !

Wow, it hardly seems like a whole year ago. I guess that means no more excuses of rookie status anymore. I'm bonafide!

I have to say that in retrospect the blog experience imitates many aspects of life, being everything from exhilarating, hilarious, educational, and somewhat addictive to a downright pain in the arse at times. Sometimes I feel like I should be posting more often and at other times I realize that I spend way too much time on the 'puter (professionally and recreationally).

Cheers to all in my bloggerhood - here's to many more!

Now go on, take the trip down memory lane (see if you can find your first comment)

Someone needs to write a happy blogiversary song.

Anyway, nice work!
Hey, Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Where's the cake?

Ook ook
I think "blogoversary" is WAY worse than "pulchritude".

Anyway, happy!!!!!
That's it! Now I am for sure stopping in Albuquerque... watch your back.

#8:{(=)> <-- Bearing teeth (tooth?)
Congratulations on your 1st blogoversary and many more in the years to come.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »
What a great site »
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