August 03, 2006


Thirteen favorite movie lines

Take a crack at 'em kids. One point for the film, one bonus point for the character, actor or reasonable description of said. Since some of these are pretty tough, I've offered the year the film was released as a hint. Commensurate with my taste, there are three dramas and ten comedies. No Googling or IMDb'ing, please. Winner gets to take me to see the Mel Gibson movie of their choice (he is not quoted here, BTW).

1) "It's a terrible thing to hate your mother. But I didn't always hate her. When I was a child, I only kind of disliked her." (1962)
#1: I think Manchurian Candidate (you think correct, sir! FEZ = 1 PT.)

2) "Sure, I'm white. Didn't you hear me say, 'God bless George Washington. God bless my mother.'? I mean, now what kind of Indian would say a fool thing like that?" (1970)
#2 is Jack Crabb (D. Hoffman) in Little Big Man. One of my favorites! (KOS = 2 PTS.)

3) "This place has become impossible. Nothing to eat, freezing cold and now a madman on the prowl outside with eels." (1987)

Richard E. Grant in Withnail & I. If you like British comedy this is the mutts nuts, mate.

4) "Why didn't you tell me when we got married that you were this horrible gambling addict? It's like when you have a venereal disease - you tell somebody!" (1985)
#4 Albert Brooks in Lost in America. Albert Brooks is such a brilliant comedic actor. Defending Your Life? Fantastic. (KOS = 2 PTS.)

5) "They'll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em." (1969)
#5: Easy Rider (FEZ = 1 PT.)

6) "Oh, it's blessed are the MEEK! Oh, I'm glad they're getting something, they have a hell of a time." (1979)
#6: Brian (Life of, that is. It was on the tip of your brain, eh Joe? FEZ = 1 PT.)

7) "You're willing to pay him a thousand dollars a night just for singing? Why, you can get a phonograph record of Minnie the Moocher for 75 cents. And for a buck and a quarter, you can get Minnie." (1935)
#7: Night at the Opera (FEZ = 1 PT.)

8) "You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you." (1994)
#8: Clerks (FEZ= 1 PT.)

9) "C'malong, Dexter, I know a formula that's said to pop the pennies off the eyelids of dead Irishmen." (1940)
#9 Philadelphia Story (KOS = 1 PT.)

10) "My enemy, my foe, is an animal. In order to conquer the animal, I have to learn to think like an animal. And, whenever possible, to look like one. I've gotta get inside this guy's pelt and crawl around for a few days." (1980)
#10: Caddyshack (FEZ = 1 PT.)

11) "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a gun before? What do you want me to do, count three like they do in the movies?" (1946)
#11 You don't even want to mess with me when it comes to Bogie (The Big Sleep)
(KOS = 2 PTS.)

12) "You put me right off my fresh fried lobster, do you realize that? I'm now going to go back to my bed, I'm going to put away the best part of a bottle of scotch... And under normal circumstances, you being normally what I would call a very attractive woman, I would have invited you back to share my little bed with me and you might possibly have come. But you really put me off." (1970)
#12 Mr. Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H (actually, Capt. Pierce, but hey, I messed up my own signature line from the Holy Grail on yer blog last week so, hell, = 2 PTS. =8:{ )> )

13) "OK, I'm gonna get your money for you. But if you don't get the President of the United States on that phone, you know what's gonna happen to you?...You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola Company." (1964)
#13 Keenan Wynn in "Dr. Strangelove" (JOE = 2 PTS.)

FINAL Tally:

JOE = 2

FEZ = 6

KOS = 9

I recognise a few of these, but I only know the last one right off. It was Keenan Wynn in "Dr. STrangelove".

#6 is going to bug me all day. I can HEAR it, I just can't SEE it.
#13 - Joe 2 PTS (total - 2)
Are we supposed to guess the origins?

Fun game. Here's my attempt:

#1: I think Manchurian Candidate
#2: Not sure
#3: Arrrg ... I know this.
#4: Not a clue
#5: Easy Rider
#6: Brian
#7: Night at the Opera
#8: Clerks
#9: Not a clue
#10: Caddyshack
#11: No idea
#12: I remember this, but not where I remember it from
#13: What Joe said
Fez beat me to most of them. I'll try to fill in the blanks.

#2 is Jack Crabb (D. Hoffman) in Little Big Man. One of my favorites!

#3 Crap. Don't know.

#4 Albert Brooks in Lost in America. Albert Brooks is such a brilliant comedic actor. Defending Your Life? Fantastic.

#9 Philadelphia Story

#11 You don't even want to mess with me when it comes to Bogie (The Big Sleep)

#12 Mr. Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H
Is there a prize here? MY contest has a PRIZE. Doesn't look like anybody's gonna win it, either.
Maybe you should give out more clues.
You've got enough. Besides, it's okay if I win once in awhile.
And the winner is... KOS ! ! (not Joe)

Good game, kids!
Damn. Close ... so close.
I forgot to say that #9 was Uncle Willie, too!

Now what the hell is #3?
See update for #3.

So Kos, what's yer favorite Mel film? You can say Road Warrior if you want.
I actually liked Mad Max better than Road Warrior, but as far as favorite, I'd have to go with Braveheart. While most modern blockbusters annoy the crap out of me, Braveheart was an epic in the spirit of Lawrence of Arabia.

My second-favorite Mel movie would have to be the recently released "Fucking Jews." Now THAT was dedication and commitment at its finest.
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