August 09, 2006


A tickle for the irreverent funny bone

Anti-Dentite Joel Stein hit a humor homerun in TIME this week:

Maybe We Should Just Make Mel Happy
Attacking anti-Semitism hasn't got us far in 3,000 years. It's time for some changes


Most times, when someone spouts off about how awful the Jews are, I blow it off as ignorance. If the guy just got to know us, he would totally dig us. We're funny and warm and smart and totally self-effacing. We send Ben Stiller to Iran for a few weeks, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be opening up Noah's bagel shops in all the strip malls in Tehran. The only problem is that with just 0.02% of the world's population, we can't do nearly as many personal appearances as we'd like. That's why we took over the media.

But Mel Gibson knows us--personally. He's been in Hollywood for more than 20 years, virtually surrounded by Jews. If Mel doesn't like us, maybe it's finally time to stop blaming everyone else for the bigotry and scapegoating and start to look at ourselves. As the saying goes, If people hate you for 1,000 years, you can blame them; if you're persecuted for 2,000 years, maybe you're unlucky; but if they still want to kill you after 3,000 years, you have to ask yourself if you're doing something wrong.

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(thanks to Beelers for the pass)

Not that funny, in my opinion. What's next? Joel Stein does Holocaust stand-up comedy?:

Hey, Mel, how do you get six million Jews in a VW? Two up front, three in the back and the rest in the ashtray! Hahahahahaha!

But then Joel Stein has a history of idiotic commentary:

Just my shekel, adjusted for inflation.
I find Joel Stein to be quite funny ... and really appreciate the way he can needle the humorless and those who believe some things are sacrosanct.

He may not be as adept at the straight-faced sarcasm as, say, Johnathan Swift, but you gotta love a guy who can suggest the equivalent of eating babies without once giving up the joke.

"But still, it's better if we stay far away from any messiahs. Even if a guy clearly isn't the Messiah but is just saying he is--walk away. There's nothing to gain there."

Yeah ... funny.

Ook ook
I also found it amusing in a wry way. Facing adversity with humor is something I find laudable.
Facing adversity with humour is something Jews do well, and we are proud of that. Facing it withjj self-effacing bullshit like Stein does makes him a schande far di goyim.

It's not easy for an outsider to grasp the nuances of the difference.
Funny ... I never knew one had to be a chicken to judge an egg.

I guess I'm wrong.

Or, could it be something else...?
I never knew you had to be a comment-flaming asshole instead of just listening to an alternative POV and maybe offering a constructive reply.

But I guess it is something else, i.e., the former.
I hadn't realized until recently that Billy Preston had died. Now he was not a Jew, but he did have that great song Will It Go Round In Circles

Prescient of Mark's reasoning perhaps?

Once again, the unconstructive profanity in the comments started with you , Mark. If you can't take the "flame" bro, then don't take it out on guests to my blog.

Humor is always subjective. I don't find Stein funny either. He simply doesn't do the self-effacing shtick well enough. He sort of hovers in between trying to do it and not, which makes his jokes tepid. I didn't know we weren't allowed to swear here, O'T!
Mark said: I never knew you had to be a comment-flaming asshole instead of just listening to an alternative POV and maybe offering a constructive reply.

The absurd hypocrisy of something like that coming from Mark has helped me start my day with a very good and unexpected laugh! I mean, a clearer example of a pot calling a kettle black was never, throughout the history of mankind, provided. The really funny thing is, he probably really and honestly believes himself to be rational, open-minded, objective and non-judgmental. That is just priceless. Here's a suggestion for Mark: the next time you feel the need to throw around those kinds of accusations against people, you would be well advised to begin while standing in front of a mirror for the better part of a day.

Let's see ... anyone who thinks Joel Stein's piece was funny was either a race-traitor of a jew (one of those schande far di goyim Mark seems so able to identify) or some goy who doesn't know any better that Sein isn't funny because he isn't jewish, and thus is unable to comprehend the subtle complexity of what makes something a jewish satirist writes funny. We know this has to be the case because, well, because Mark says so. End of story. Almost as if it was written on a stone tablet by some unseen divine hand.

Sigh. Plus, I don't recall using anything near the term "comment-flaming asshole" no matter how appropriate or fitting it is. My original comment was that I found Stein to be funny in the same way Swift is, only to be told that I was too stupid to tell the difference since I am an "outsider." Good greif! Does that mean Mark can never comment on anything non-jewish in origin, what with him being an outsider to that culture??

Nah, that would just be stupid, because Mark is always right since he yells the loudest, calls people the most names, posts the most often, and otherwise runs around as some bullying self-appointed arbiter of taste, quality, and ethics. What next, another picture of him holding a gun to prove his ... hell, I don't know what he was trying to prove with that.


Anyway, this is my last comment on this post, since turning someone elses area into a flame-war is just bad manners. I do apologize for my part in this.

I still find Stein funny, and think this piece was very entertaining, despite what our current incarnation of Solomon has decreed.
Paula - Thanks for a great example of an opinion clearly and politely stated (as Mark indeed started out with). And swear away! Just don't use cussin' as dart of rudeness toward someone in the conversation.

Fez - You fergot ook ook.
An asshole is an asshole, and I was just making an observation. If the simian can't hold his own, maybe he shjouldn't act like an asshole in the first place.

If you're going to mopderate comments, moderate everyone's, or no one's.
I guess I must be an asshole also, since I said that I found it funny, just like FM did. My reading comprehension must suck, because I don't see how anyone dictated that everyone MUST find it funny.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Joe, I seriously doubt Mark meant you. I read it as his observation that maybe a non-Jew wouldn't understand why some Jews don't find Stein's article funny. I don't know why anyone would argue with that in the first place. I mean, I don't fully understand why Muslims took such offense at the Muhammad cartoons. BFD! Why is everything such an ego-fest with you guys?
Thanks Paula, speaking of hammers hitting nails on heads.

Especially the part about why anyone feels they need to argue with my point to begin with. It was merely my POV.

Down, Joe! No one mentioned you at all.

I'm done here.
It was merely my POV.

When you find something other than POV that people argue about, lemme know.
"When you find something other than POV that people argue about, lemme know."

Gay rights, a women's right to choose, stem cell research - There's three topics on which I'm sure I would agree with your pep squad. Happy now? Or you want more?
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