August 05, 2006


Where would we be without Jews?

OY! Es nisht ken gemolt zein!

August 3, 2006

NEW YORK (Reuters) -
The California beermaker who brought the world He'brew, Miraculous Jewbilation and Genesis Ale has come up with a new brew commemorating the late Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. has hit more than 1,000 stores in 25 states in a tribute to Bruce, the ground-breaking comic and social critic who died on August 3, 1966, at age 40.

The beer is made with "obscene amounts of malts and hops," says a statement from Shmaltz Brewing Co., in reference to Bruce's arrests for obscenity in his standup act.

A rye India pale ale, or R.I.P.A., it packs a punch with 10 percent alcohol.

"It's completely outrageous in terms of actual beer style to go along with his sensibility," said Jeremy Cowan, the brains behind the Jew brews.

Cowan said the inspiration for a tribute to Bruce came from his Jewish grandmother, who told of going with his grandfather to see Bruce perform at San Francisco strip clubs.

The San Francisco brewer, who lives part of the year in Brooklyn, started his He'brew beers 10 years ago and introduces a new brand each year. Total sales have passed 2 million bottles.

Cowan is not observant but said in a telephone interview he takes religion seriously and keeps his products kosher.

"I'm not making fun of Judaism. I'm having fun with Jewish culture and tradition," he said.

Hmm, honoring Lenny Bruce with a 10 percent rye IPA...Comedy and alcohol...You should need more proof of how indispensible our balebatisheh yiden are?

He'd better watch his step! These are dangerous times, when words can lead to wild accusations and name-calling. To paraphrase Ari Fleischer (another Jew), "He'd better watch what he says."

Ook ook

PS: Bruce was funny as hell. If anyone deserves a 20 proof honorary beer, it is him. Well, Okay, Hunter too. Nah, Hunter should have a whiskey.
"I'm not making fun of Judaism. I'm having fun with Jewish culture and tradition," he said.

A concept clearly lost on some of your goyishe readership, O'Tim.

Maybe, just maybe, you're wondering how come you're so privileged as to receive this communiqué. Well, answer is simple, thanks to, I found the u.r.l to your website.

After perusing your website, I conjectured you'd be interested in my post titled, "sweetest nookie". In this post, you'll find some notions about how Lenny, were he around today, might comment about the recent kerfuffle in the Middle East.

Anyway, you'll find the hyperlink to the post just below

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