September 24, 2006


Ansel Adams wannabe

I've had the B & W film I shot on my trip processed, and the results were, well, a bit diminished from what I had hoped. Strangely, these images transferred to CD fairly well - they came out looking much closer to the originals than what I usually get from color prints transferred to CD. Jeff Kos inquired about where I get my film processed, and in my reply I spoke too soon in saying that I just use the digital transfers and get them printed on a good laser printer. I won't be doing that for film-to-digital prints anymore because no matter the quality of the printer the quality of the transfers sucks. Anyway, I tweaked some of these B & Ws on Photo Shop. I'm not thrilled with the low contrast nature of this C-41 process film (If I could shoot them again I would use Tri-X 400 and a No. 3 or 4 polarizing filter).

What do YOU think? For best view click on the image and open your browser window to maximum:

Upper Rio Grande Gorge near Taos

Upper Rio Grande Gorge

Down in the gorge near Embudo

Courtyard at night - Sagebrush Hotel in Taos

La pluma de Padre Antonio Martinez - Taos Square

Storm approaching Taos from the northeast

Northward view near Taos

Amazingly beautiful! My favorite is the courtyard at night followed by la pluma de Padre Antonio Martinez.....

:::shrug::: I'm no photographer, but I love them all.

Except for the camping and the long drive, I'm sorta jealous of you and your trip. :)
P'shaw Tams - we'll have you out there clicking the remote through the caveman TV and singing bawdy campfire songs before you know it.
I'm all about the bawdy campfire songs..but all that goes with it? Give me indoor plumbing, or give me death. hehehe I'm pee shy, ya know......I might skinny dip, but peeing in the great outdoors aint for me.

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog.
I'm a bit of a photo person too. I agree with you about the contrast. I use C41 B & W to do my portraits and like it (and the price). These are very good though. I haven't the knack for landscape that I'd like.

You might be against this idea, but have you ever considered a digital camera? You can still take manual photos with them, and push the "film" and do all sorts of fun stuff. Then it's easier to photo shop and change the effects to B&W or Sepia. I have both - and sometimes use the digital to do test shots or if it's a difficult subject with lots of deletes required. Just a thought.
Hey SW -

The campsites we stayed at both had clean, well maintained modern bathrooms nearby.

O'Tim - Good shots! Maybe I'll have my darkroom set up the next time you come out. All these need is a contrast filter in the enlarger stage.
Joe, I'm sure that would do the trick, but the filter on the lens would be preferred.

elizabeth - see post below for some of the digitals I took (lil' Kodak -very nice). There's also a link to my Flickr page for more shots.
Joe, I'm sure that would do the trick, but the filter on the lens would be preferred.

For these shots, I'd say that ship has sailed.
I wish more people took black and white photographs . . . they're always so interesting. These were no exception to that rule. Thanks for sharing.
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