September 28, 2006


Fifty words so PJ's house won't fall down

"Are you crazy?" Dee screamed as her sister pulled her bloody fist from the drywall.

"No, the bastards deserve this!" she replied with a force that threatened her clenched teeth.

Please stop, please stop, please stop. The thought kept ringing through Dee's brain.

“Bastards!” said sis, “This is my struggle!”

wtf is this??
1) Arrg. Am I going to have to get a blogspot account to leave comments here conveniently? 2) I quite enjoyed this one. Have you seen Mr. Random's 100? It is good in a way that is similar to this one.
B & FM - It's an ode to PJ re: her last comment in the previous post. It's inspired by goings-on at Senor Rochester's (
So keep up for crying out loud.

Sorry CiB, I know Blogger is a PITA. Where is Mr. Random?
This may be the oddest Fifty I've seen. I'm putting mine at my new place, Leitmotifs. Ultrablog is for more universally appealing stuff. More or less.
I feel like this is a tribute.

I love tributes

Especially when they're in my honor.

Tribute? OK, I'll buy that. But with the cold Michigan winter approaching I really didn't want your house to fall down and you be all cold and pissed off and what not.
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