September 01, 2006


Go west, old fart

Well kids, I’m outta here for a coupla weeks on what is undoubtedly the last big road trip of my pre-daddy existence. I’m blowing the whole wad of my remaining vacation time to jaunt about the great wild west of my America beautiful. It’s been too long since I’ve set foot on those Rockies (seen ‘em from 30k several times en route à la côte occidentale). My jones is set to be quenched by hiking, biking, photographic ecstasy, lonesome cowboy pickin' and grinnin', low humidity and a tour of the bridges of Bernalillo County.

Jen’s bumming cuz she’ll be pregnant and without any human companionship whatsoever (hint to area friends) for 15 days. I salt her wounds by heading to a conference when I get back (just overnight, babe). Alas, I was promised my choice of extended respite in exchange for her GOING TO EUROPE this summer. And while finances may be a point of argument on that, I am doing this sojourn on the relative cheap (goddam gas prices – good thing we started that... ofergitit).

Anyway, I’ve no inclination to laptop it, though I may check in via library a time or two. Y’all be sweet.

Drive safely. Enjoy the trip.
boo hoo. Who will take care of me?
BTW I don't remember making that deal about your extended respite.
Hey, where in the Rockies are you going? You coming out near Denver?
I hope you enjoy your long trip! I'll try to make sure that Jen is kept entertained as much as possible....I'm bossy that way.

I wanna see pictures when you get back! Be safe!
Hope ya have a great time! It's all downhill from here bro!
Jesus, aren't you back yet? Who gets to take a two-week vacation this day in age? Haven't you heard we're heading for a recession? And a road trip? Have you noticed the price of gas? Get to work! (writing in your blog, that is...)
He's on the road right now, Koz, just headed back yesterday. He should have some great pics!
His was a southwestern road trip, right? NM, southwestern Colorado, etc.? That's some of the most beautiful country to photograph...
Arright arreddy, I'm back! Geez, if only you folks paid me this much attention when I'm at home!

Seriously, great trip, and hunnerds of photos (which I can't DL yet cuz I left my USB cable under a bridge sommeres). I had to go to a conference for work the day after I got back, so I've got to tie up the loose ends around the shop/house - I'll post after that, 'kay?
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