September 30, 2006


Help a sister out

My beloved postal worker friend Tammy is facing the Christmas blahs

If you can, go find a way to brighten up her day. We all want to see more of her, or given the success of her weight loss (is it the USPSOT diet, Tam?) I should rather say we want to see her more.

Chin up, Tams!

Just buzzed over there and gave her a little pep talk, PJ style. Thanks for the tip, O'Tim.

(I almost wrote "Thanks for the tim, O'Tip.)

(((O'Tim))) You almost made me cry!

You are a good man who's made me smile.

I don't know if it's a UPSSOT diet or not, but I'm not going to complain. :) I usually lose 5 pounds during December anyway and then gain it all back Christmas day by eating good German food....maybe this year I can have 3 helpings instead of 2. hehe
I liked the pep talk PJ. You make a manicure sound oh so tempting....
If you don't have that foot thing like Rachel, I'd go with the pedicure, too.

Hey, I'm in touch with my feminine side and proud of it.
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