September 19, 2006


Whilst I was away

The drive from Georgia to the Rockies was a long-ass 1,400 miles, made especially long when you drive alone. Many thanks to Beelers for the loan of the audio version of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, which reduced the tedium of the mind-numbing miles by keeping them rolling by in thought-provoking hilarity. Alas, mine would be a journey rather aimlessly pointed toward the heart of the American Dream and considerably less drug-fueled. And fortunately for me, no bats (One toke over the line? You poor fool!).

I spent a good bit of my time in New Mexico with my blog pal (and almost everybody’s favorite troll) Rio Grande Joe. He was kind enough to to put me up for several days as well as take time off work to show me the sights of Albuquerque. I reciprocated by bringing camping gear for two and plucking him from the cement (or in Burque’s case adobe) existence of the city for a few days respite in the wilds of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (meaning blood of Christ – how charming. What next – the Eucharist Valley?). There was much rejoicing and jocularity on our sojourn to the wooded highlands. More insight to our adventure can perhaps be gleaned from this post of Joe’s at Under The Bridge.

My alone time consisted primarily of more sightseeing, mountain biking and photography. It’s pretty hard to take a bad photo in the Rockies, and this memorable trip is archived with the 344 digital photos and 166 film shots I took. I also brought my digital audio recorder for random musings and assorted foolishness among the desert trolls.

All in all it was a very rewarding trip for which I had a bad jones going for a couple of years. I love the Appalachians, but the “bush” gets boring at times, especially when you are regaled with tales and photos from friends and acquaintances about the majesty of the west. There’s still much more to see just in our good old U.S.A., not mention all the places I’d like to visit on other continents, but this trip hit the spot, at least for now…

I dropped off the emulsified images for processing today ('ceptin the B&Ws which take more than the Wolf Camera touch - I hope they come out Ansel Adams-like). Anyway, here’s a sampling from the digies:

Hybrid bayou/desert architecture in Old Town Burque

Church of San Felipe de Neri – Old Town

The Troll surveys a battle of the skies from the Sandia Crest




I reckon I can’t say as I’d mind livin’ here, ma’am.

Upper Rio Grande Gorge

Antique cars near the Santa Fe Plaza.

The South Boundary Trail near Angel Fire

Part of the Dale Ball trails near Santa Fe

Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of O’ Tim?

P.S. – I sure did miss my loverly pregnant wife and my pups!

Right back atcha sweetie. BTW....Happy Birthday!!!!!
It was a joy to have you here, O'Tim! I hope we do it again one of these days.
Beautiful, Tim! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.
Wait ...

You were gone?

Ook ook
Yes, Fez, and as blogging is my life's passion I was racked with guilt over not posting for nearly three weeks.

What's yer freakin' excuse?! ;)

Don't you sass me on my birthday.
Yeah, Fez...... don't force him to unblogroll you, now..... :-)
Where are my manners ...

Slainth, mate.

I hope you enjoy much of whatever you enjoy today.

Kerfluffles abound, don't they? :)

Ook ook
Happy birthday! Those are some great pictures.
I love road trips. We did one a couple years ago to southwestern Colorado -- Durango, Mesa Verde, Telluride, Ouray -- and the picture taking was constant.

Where do you get your b&w stuff processed? I've been using Wolf for mine and they've done a fine job, though they don't process it in-house, they send it to their out-lab.
I use Wolf also, Kos. On all my film I usually don't get prints and just get them put on CD. Then I can tweak them on Photo Shop and take them to someone with a kick-ass laser printer.

Something I recently noticed is that the last roll of B&W film I bought (Kodak BW400-CN) is C-41 (color) process. Apparently it's getting harder to find the classic Plus-X and Tri-X stuff "over the counter" as it were (I just grabbed the first thing that I saw said Black & White at Wal-Mart).

If'n your interested you can see a small collection of some of my photos on Flickr:
You're right about Tri-X (my pref) being harder to find. Thank heaven for Amazon. You can buy 50-packs here.

I'll definitely check out your stuff. I need to post some of mine. In March I took some shots in San Francisco that I really, really dig, particularly some of Alcatraz. Wolf did a great job on the prints.
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