October 04, 2006


La Cage Aux Foley

John Konop, a Republican who made a primary bid for U.S. Congress in Georgia earlier this year and who has a blog called Control Congress, today offered up this assessment of the Mark Foley situation on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Political Insider:

This week Congress showed us that holding on to political power is more important than protecting children and fighting terrorists.

Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 with a lot of fanfare. Speaker Hastert said, “At home, we put the security of our children first and Republicans are doing just that in our nation’s House… Protecting our children is… as high a priority as securing our border from terrorists.”

But when our Congressional leadership had a chance to walk their talk, they chose not to.

Read the rest of Konop's excellent post HERE

It's too bad Konop lost his bid in the primary - Congress needs a full-blown enema sponsored by fresh blood like him to get it out of the partisan rut it's mired in.

I leave you with this ditty, also posted on Political Insider (I tweaked it a bit). It's inspired by our illustrious Congress and the Canadian group Five Man Electrical Band's song “Signs”:

Spin, spin, everywhere there’s spin
‘Til we don’t know who is right
And we sure don’t know who's in

Spin, Spin, everywhere there’s spin
With Congress tryin' to save its butt so here we go again
Foley's a “naughty” boy - don't you know it's all spin?

Spin, Spin, everywhere there’s spinning
From Bush up in the White House with a war he thinks he's winning
Hastert is a master but all of 'em are grinning

Can't you see it’s spin? All that’s left is spin...

"Congress needs a full-blown enema sponsored by fresh blood like him to get it out of the partisan rut it's mired in."

Bravo. ITA
Unfortunatly, all they have to do is scare the voters with terrorism and they will flock to pull the lever for the GOP (Graesy Old Pedophiles).

It's funny, but all I hear the righties carping about is how much this makes them look bad right before the election and not that their leaders didn't get this guy thrown out ASAP.
The spin has started, by the way.

Evidently (and I have not seen this for myself, but heard it on the news as I was driving in to work this morning), at least some GOP-types are spinning this thus:

Sure, Mark Foley was a homosexual pedophile, but Nancy Pelosi is a LIBERAL who has actually marched in a GAY RIGHTS PARADE!

The message? An actual homosexual pedophile Republican is preferable to a homosexual-sympathetic Liberal.


Ook ook

I just want to send Foley a thank you card, being the liberal I am with elections coming up. Don't get me wrong, I think he should burn in hell, but I do have to smile at all the trouble he's causing. When even the gay republican groups are saying "he's not one of us", you know there's fun to be had on the news front coming soon....and, I don't need to point out to anyone that there isn't much fun to be had with todays' news.
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