October 07, 2006


Let's face it

As happens from time to time at work, there is a lull (it's true - a lull!) whereby my esteemed colleague Beelers and I find time to discuss a wide range of mundane subjects. These occasionally inspire our blogging, and the following post is true to that form, especially regarding mundanity.

For many years now I have shaved using an electric shaver. This habit began when a traditional razor and foam regimen was causing my neck to break out fiercely and most irritatingly. I've kept up with it out of habit, as the built-in trimmer has been handy for grooming my goatee which I've sported now for several years, and despite the fact that I have to make countless circles about my face to be rid of all the whiskers. The Norelco "cordless" rotary I own is a basic model and it has seen better days for sure. I've replaced the blades on it only once (the buggers cost a bundle!) and the battery is so old it barely holds a strong enough charge for two shaves, so I usually just operate it with the recharge cord plugged in (NOT advised, as I recollect from the long-since-gone operating guide). One more thing re: my current shaver - it frequently causes ingrown hairs on my neck, which is like having one of those nasty, headless, under-the-skin pimples for a month or more.

So the past couple of times that Jen and I have been odee-doe-ing around Target I've gone to look at the shavers, and I see that they have gone up in price quite a bit. Granted their designers have likely improved the technology in the decade-plus that I've been electric. But it occured to me that conventional razors and shaving creams/gels have likewise improved, so before hauling off on an expensive purchase of one o' them new-fangley ee-lectrik shavers, I decide to invest in a pack of the nicer triple-blade disposables and some super-boffo techno-advanced shaving gel.

WOW! For one of life's routines so banal as shaving, I was impressed and perhaps even joyful over the results. It was so nice to have the fresh blade whisk my whiskers off in one smooth stroke and be way closer than my crappy old Norelco. God love her but she's relegated to trimmer status from this point on. My only concern after the morning ritual was whether my neck would break out in those wonderful little red bumps known as razor burn - as I said a common occurence which caused me to defect to electric all those years ago. At the end of the day, no bumps. Hallelujah!

So, back to the lull of work and the ensuing conversation with Beelers. As I enthusiastically relate to him my experience, he grins whilst his lightning-fast fingers go a-Googling for info on shaving (Beelers is the king of Google info-grabbing). Lo and behold he comes up with Classic Shaving.com, a website where, like at so many others, people with too much money can buy things. Check out the price on this mofo. Floyd Lawson would be spinning in his grave, by gum! And for a freakin' straight razor! There's no way I would trust my hand to be that steady, at least without alcohol. That's just one of those things I think you should allow a professional to do, as when I was in Egypt and a local barber gave me a haircut and shave for 50 cents. I tipped him a buck, hoping that the karma would stave off tetanus. Just kidding - he didn't knick me once, and even sat and had a beer with me afterward (see - alcohol). If the price of that straight razor doesn't freak your shit, surf the site a bit and look at what they want for a shaving brush. Cripes, are they actually killing badgers to make these things?

I used to use a straight razor and badger brush. It's a great way to shave.

I can't stand electrics, though. I have this unnatural fear that the whirling blades will grab hold of my cheek and tear the flesh off.

Yeah, I know. Therapy. ;o)>
"Jen and I have been odee-doe-ing around Target "

Still calling yourself a Yankee?????
Mark - good idea =8:{ )>

Joe - dude, trendsetter me, I've IMPORTED odee-doe-ing to the south!
I also use a straight razor and whip up my soap in a shaving cup. Since I am such a klutz, it's a miracle that I haven't cut my throat yet. Maybe there's still time.
I too used to have the shaving rash problem. The new triple bladed disposables are a Godsend! Now, I don't even need to use shaving creme! Just leave my face wet when I step out of the shower and zip-zam-zow! I'm ready to go.

Mark- I like you, but sometimes you really wierd me out... ;)
"Mark- I like you, but sometimes you really wierd me out... ;)"

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