October 30, 2006


The most wonderful time of the year


I've surfed about the Net looking at polls on people's favorite season, just to see where mine stood. Among the several I checked, there really was no consensus, though spring or autumn seemed to edge ahead most of the time.

For me it's autumn, hands down, and a big reason for that is the oppressive summer heat of the south. I noticed a lot of northerners prefer spring, likely for the similar reason that winters there are often so harsh and dreary.

The foliage of the southern Appalachians does not compare well to the intensity of the northeast hardwoods. But with the season coming later and the abundant green conifers breaking up the golds, reds, browns and oranges, the south has its own autumn charm.

And the weather! October is Georgia's driest month, and it is magnificent to have sunny days that start in the 30s and creep up to the low 60s by mid afternoon. It is camping season extraordinaire. This year is a bonus for me since on my trip out west I got to experience the start of autumn in the southern Rockies.

Spring can be quite lovely here if it's not a wet one, but for moi le printemps brings the allergies, zut alors! Winter is nice because its not usually too harsh, and can actually be a great time for outdoor activities (like mountain biking) if you are not too cold-natured. In contrast to the summer bush, the views in the Appies are wonderful. I confess that I'd actually like to see it snow here more, as would my teacher wife, who never seems to catch a break on the local snow days.

Oh well, enough rambling - I'm interested to hear other takes on preferred time of year.


Fall won the Under the Bridge seasons poll hands down a few months back. Thanks for asking! :-)
Autumn for me, too. Back East and in Chicago, it meant a new school year (hey, I'm weird--I LIKED school!), Halloween, Thanksgiving, crunchy leaves, crisp air, apples, pumpkin pie, new clothes, boots, the first snow. Here in SoCal it means the disgusting summer is over and most of the tourists have gone, so we have only our own awful drivers to contend with. Yes, I know--lately I relate everything back to a fear of car accidents. Maybe I should see a shrink.
I would say Autumn as well. When I was living in Virginia I really loved riding skyline drive during that time.
Paula - I was a summer kid when I lived in the Chitown area. No school, parties, girls with fewer clothes on and all that. When I moved to the west coast I was still something of a sun worshipper, but now I can't stand to be in direct summer sunlight for more than several minutes.

Blue - I've never been on Skyline but I believe the Blue Ridge Parkway is similar. It is absolutely awesome just about any time but especially autumn.
"Maybe I should see a shrink."

Might want to take the bus to his office. Just sayin'.
I love spring and fall for the colors. But my favorite time of year is winter. After all, if I'm cold I can always put on more clothes, but in the summer, I can only strip so much. hehe I love winter! I want snow this year...just one good snow shower and I'll be happy.
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