October 31, 2006


Over the edge and into NaNoWriMo

Well, I'm in. This could be my last blog post for a few weeks. As Paula would say, "Deal."

Good luck and happy noveling to all my fellow ists. My author name is, of course, O' Tim (don't forget the space). Feel free to buddy up. Let the clickety-clack bump-clack begin!


Good luck! I made two posts today and wrote 825 words before breakfast. Will write more before I go to sleep. Still not sure I can do this in a non-romance.
Paula - Vee haf vays uff makking you write.

You can and you will. Good luck to you as well!
Write, babe, write!!!!! I have a couple of pals that do this every year and they love it. Good luck and fingers crossed for ya!
I just added you. I'm jeffkos
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