October 04, 2006


Weird science, or sew it seams

I just finished reviewing my audio journal from the trip west, and have discovered a most curious, unnerving and utterly foreign recording in the mix. I have been able to isolate the file and have sent a copy of it to the folks at SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) as I feel this may be right up their alley. I can only guess what this means. So can you:


You are scaring the baby.
Sounds like mugwumps. Those foul creatures are getting bolder and bolder, infiltrating the lives of decent Americans all over.

My advice is to arm yourself, drink plenty of tequila, and shoot at whatever moves.

Ook ook
Don't scare the baby.

I'm feeling entertained, however.
Yes, at week 14 the child-in-form is now presumably developing its aural capacities. I'm hoping Jen was not actually impregnated by aliens. ;)

I'm going to get a little megaphone and begin broadcasting a variety of musical inspiration. Request lines are now open on WUTE...
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