October 02, 2006


We're here, we're weird, we're in your FACE

The Amazing Kah-slah-skey, the gourmet chef responsible for the exquisite Boiled Dinner, has just cooked up a second helping of tasty (you) essays.

There's lots of good writing this month about life in these U.S., ranging from the hilarious to the sanguinary. Go check it out now.

Thanks for all the kick-ass adjectives! And thanks for your contribution, too. Don't know if I ever mentioned that I once got out of my car and threw a butt back into the window of a dude who'd thrown it out too. He was weasely, so I wasn't scared.
Fun stuff! I'm delighted to be a part of it -- thanks for the (you)essays plug, O'Tim!
Sanguinary??? Oh yeah - "The Jumk".

Good word!
Re: adjectives. Sometimes I simply have to bust loose from my newspaper persona, where the rule of thumb is that of soulless brevity topped off with sage wisdom from Mark Twain himself: "Find an adjective, and KILL it."
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