November 29, 2006


Stupid people are breeding

As an expectant father I am trying to be more attuned toward parenting and to learn from what I see. The south is not the greatest place for accomplishing this.

The office is in a former hardware store directly across the street from the county courthouse, so we all get the fishbowl view of the various participants going to and fro the halls of justice. This week is one of the Superior Court's two or three felony calendar calls for the year, and as they are way backed up there is a plethora of the county's hard-luckers flickin' butts out front each day and taking all our parking spaces.

One particularly intense looking mouthbreather couple strolled by this afternoon. The woman, who had a child of about 1-2 years in her left arm, pulled out a cigarette and proceeded to tilt her head toward the child to serve as a windbreak for lighting the smoke. They were facing a mild fall breeze, and so her first exhale of smoke went directly into the kid's face.

I think all of us pro-choicers should document video footage of things like this. We could call our film "God Bless Margaret Sanger".


It's absolutely mind-boggling that so many of these kids make it to adulthood. But they do! And then...
..the cycle continues.
This is totally a nitpicking thing, but what is the deal with the mouth-breather thing? Is a person stupid due to an unfortunate deviated septum or something? I stand with the mouth-breathers of America! Stand up and refuse to take it any more!

Now, having lived in the south for 9 years, I do see your point. I witnessed plenty of really stupid things like that (Lik sending a barefoot kid into a convenience store to pick up cigs for the mom in the car. Yep. The clerk, who must have known the family, sold the damn things to the kid, probably about 6 years old.) Still, parental stupidity is certainly NOT limited to locales below the Mason-Dixon line!
To paraphrase whatever comedian said it first 'You have to have a license to drive and hunt, but any fuckhead can have a kid'. I'm too far into the beer to remember the quote correctly or who said it, but I agree no matter.

As a smoker myself, it drives me up a wall to see people smoke around children....especially babies. ..sigh....
Still, parental stupidity is certainly NOT limited to locales below the Mason-Dixon line!

True, you can find MOUTHBREATHERS twenty minutes outside metro Chicago. But there is definitely a higher concentration in these hyar parts.
It was Keanu Reeves in Parenthood:

"Any buttreamin' asshole can have a kid."
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