December 03, 2006


Double-digit doggie


The Baby Cheeks is 10 years old! Happy birthday, Ballou!


Dog are cool! I have one too!
Cute. Dogs rool. Except when they fart.

Like mine just did under my chair.

What's up with that, anyway?

He's cute! Happy B'day, Ballou, and many more.
Tim - I have one, two... and I'm pushing for three, only the P.O. (Pregnant One) is recalcitrant.

Mark - yes, Brisbane becomes mighty pleased with himself re: his farting prowess. Takes after his dad, I guess.

He's cute!

Um, Ballou has something to say to you Paula: *The indignity of your consideration that I am of that inferior gender is most offensive. Okay, I love you again. Where's my damn cookie?*
I don't know why my "Happy Birthday" didn't show. Here's another one.
Awww, happy birthday to the cute poochie!!
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