December 28, 2006



Just in case there is somebody out there watching, reading, listening...

If you could take off today without consequence and do one of the following, which would it be?

View the body of former President Gerald Ford lying in state at the U.S. Capitol.

Go to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem to pay respects to the expired James Brown.


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Definitely go to Harlem and pay respects to James Brown.
Can I opt to refuse both choices and just go to the beach instead?
James Brown. Less wrinkled, more colorfully dressed.
I did take today off, as it happens, and went to the maul with my daughters. Got a cute pair of brown plaid pants, lovely turquoise sweater, sweet peach tee shirt, and funky pink beady necklace. And I had the crabcake sliders at Ruby's, very yummy. Taking tomorrow off, too--who'll be dead then?
James Brown, definitely. No disrespect to the dead pres, but unless he's, like, Lincoln, he can't compete with the Godfather of Soul. Now, for all I know, the GoS may have been a total bastard in real life, as I know nothing about his bio, and listen, if he was, DO NOT TELL ME. Thank you.
Fez - don't be ridiculous. You will go skiing.

Keera Ann - WRT "more colorfully dressed," after reading Paula's shopping list, I think you should go see her.

Paula - I don't wish death upon you, but watch your back, JIC.

Nobody - didja SEE the photo at the bottom of the previous post?
[in Sgt. Schultz voice] "I know nothing, I see NUH-THING!"
Neither. Couldn't be arsed to bother with either one.

Yeah, yeah, the Godfather of Soul. Sacrilege, I know.

Whatever. The Sex Machine has blown a fuse.
I probably couldn't take today off without consequence. However, I might consider watching SatNiteLive reruns and either watch Chevy Chase fall down or Eddie Murphy do "Hot Tub," in which case I would probably go with Eddie Murphy.
I assumed it was a snapshot someone had surprised him with first thing in the morning. What?
"Someone" just happened to be employed at the County Jail......
Can I just take the day off and not look at dead people?
Roy - I forgot about Eddie Murphy's "Hot Tub" - a hilarious impression!

David - Wouldn't it be worth it if just to go to D.C. or NYC museums afterward? C'mon man, all expenses paid. Whaddya say?
I swear I commented on this yesterday. I swear I did. I think you must be censoring my comments. Well I never.

Well Happy New Year anyway.

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