December 01, 2006


It's a write-off fer sure

For shits and grins I sat down this evening and cranked out the 1,000 or so words I needed to break 10,000 for NaNoWriMo. As if getting one-fifth of the goal is some kind of benchmark - it actually made me feel worse, for a while. There are several excuses that litter my path to Weenieville (hat tip to Nobody Much for hiding the key to the city under the doormat), but I won't bore you with the details because who in their right mind wants to hear detailed excuses? Instead I'll give you these boring details of my NaNo failure (insert The Simpson's Nelson laughing HAHA):

45 pages
215 paragraphs
1,233 lines
56,324 characters (inc. spaces)

(cue music - what the fuck ever)
10,069 words

The sunny side is that at least I got on my butt and produced a good start to something I WILL finish. Someday. I will, you know, even if just to spite YOU! Nyah!


Don't feel bad. You beat my measly 2,700 words. There is always next year.
I'll bet the list of excuses could be fleshed out to 50,000 words.... :-)
A full fifth is better than an empty glass. Or something. ;)
Good show, old chap!
I bet my excuses are better than yours, cause I only wrote 169 words. (The nano site says 1347, and that's weird.) [nojacklondon]
Beelers - you sound like a Cubs fan.

Joe - nifty idea, perhaps I'll expound on it. That is if I can ever find enough time between...

Paula - usually when I have an empty glass near a full fifth, the fifth doesn't stand a chance. Or something.

Berkeley Don - perhaps you could adapt that for National Really Deep Poem Writing Month.
Oh, and thanks Kos, you 36,224-word writing son-of-a-son!
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