January 04, 2007


Dance, GOP, Dance!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Political Insider reports that the National Rifle Association is planning an even bigger push to pass a bill through the upcoming session of the Georgia General Assembly that would allow employees to keep firearms in their automobiles on company parking lots. To the chagrin of staunch Second Amendment supporters, many companies currently bar employees from carrying weaponry into the workplace.

Notes the Insider:
The bill would set up the re-match of a classic fight between two conservative principles: the right of property owners to control their land without government interference, versus the right of individuals to preserve their right to bear arms in a society that’s increasingly dominated by the rules of the workplace.
There's nothing like a juicy paradox to keep the politicos on their toes. Opposition from corporations did in a similar bill in the 2006 session. It appears that this time around the bill would exempt companies that have their parking lots secured by gates and fences, a rather specious compromise that ostensibly seeks to avoid provoking the wrath of big business.

Coupled with the "getting tough on business" tone of recent illegal immigration legislation, it will be interesting to see how Georgia's huge GOP majority navigates the inherent nuances of such deep issues without upsetting the most pomacious fruit in their cart.

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I take it there are no disgruntled postal workers in Georgia.
"...the most pomacious fruit in their cart."

I didn't think there were any homosexuals in the GOP?
Jeff- They're called Log Cabin Republicans. Really. I don't know why they're called that, and if it involves maple syrup, I don't want to.
I think you mean "Log Cabing Republicans." Log Cabing is when you walk around to the back door and... well, Google it if you really want to know.
What about Log Caving Republicans? You know, caving in places where logs might be... hehee!

So much for the intelligent banter I was hoping for on this post. Guess I'll have to write about pitt [sicem] bulls or sumfin.
A Newport Beach law firm just got robbed, so I think legal secretaries should be able to keep guns in their desks. Then they'll think twice about asking me to get the same fucking file five times in a row. HAH!!

I want a pink one.
Intelligent banter? From this lot? Man, you're lucky we didn't bring this topic around to boobs.

Or did I just?
They call themselves LCR beause they believe in returning the GOP to it's core values. Like when LINCOLN was a Repub?

Some say Lincoln was a homosexual, or rather bi, I suppose.

I seem to have lost my decoder ring, Mark. Help a brother out?
"Our party stands at a crossroads. The GOP must choose between fairness and freedom or intolerance and exclusion. Log Cabin works tirelessly to make sure the Republican Party chooses the right path. Ending up on the wrong side of history will cost the GOP for decades to come. So we tirelessly strive to achieve liberty and equality for all Americans."


Google, brother, Google.
Oh, I forgot to tie it all together for y'all:

Where was Lincoln born?

In a log cabin.

What was Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

Seeing that "all men are created equal" became a reality for blacks (at least in technically through the Emancipation Proclamation).

What party did Lincoln belong to?

The Republican Party.
*sigh* yes, I know all that, thank you sir.

Thwinggg [arrow hits O'Tim] message for you sir - lost...decoder...ring...what means...YW...ITS?

Yer killing me.
Your Welcome

ITS as in I meant "its", not "it's" in my original comment.
Aah, now your MW are made apparent.

=8:{ )>
Goddammnit, could we please keep the comments here sophomoric?
"ITS "

(cue John Philip Souza March).....


I'm amazed O'Tim didn't think of this......
Good one, troll! I had acronyms on the brain, and just for you Kos - I was also thinking of TITS. Now, how can we tie this back in to those Wascally Wepublicans?
"Now, how can we tie this back in to those Wascally Wepublicans?"

Ask and you shall receive.
Oh, yer good. I believe the Miyagi part - in the photo of her in pink she looks like she is quite able to wax off.
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