January 07, 2007


Stiff upper lip what what

To ensure I keep in good company with the likes of Joe, Cheezy, and jeffkos, I have decided to reveal forthwith my most splendid heritage, as given by Divine Providence and some kooky Internet name generator.

Be it known that I,

Earl O'Tim the Insouciant of Porton Down

Hereby declare that each Twentieth day of September henceforth be a day of Magnificent Insouciance, and that all those born under the sign of the Virgin be given the day off with double pay. This proclamation is in concurrence, albeit quite recalcitrantly, within the capacity and authority of my alter-ego abiding in religious circles,

The Most High Reverend Earl Timotheus the Prohibited of Chignall Duntisbourne

So shall it be written, so shall it be done. So there.

Get your own damn Peculiar Aristocratic Title

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Hmmmm... gotta wonder why the good Reverend is PROHIBITED......

Too much sacrificial wine, methinks!
Love it!
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