January 13, 2007


Surgin' for disaster

I've been hearing, and of course contributing just a teensy bit to, a lot more vitriol on Iraq since President Bush announced what most everyone knew he would - SURGE! The Chief's call-up won't even bring troop levels to the mark they were at in Jan. 2005 (160,000), a turning point when his approval ratings crossed under the majority line. From then on the numbers would slide as more Americans began realizing the disaster he and the neocons had crafted. Now, for all but the worst of his sycophantic and deluded 35-or-whatever percent approvers, the mistake that was made is obvious.

If people are sounding a bit pissed, you ain't heard/seen and soon read nothing yet. Check out Scott Thill's recent HuffPo column entitled Bush to U.S. - Go Fuck Yourselves , which makes the article's R-rating quite obvious.

Here is an excerpt, where Thill tells the troops:
So the next time the president is about to give a speech, turn it off. It doesn't have anything to do with you anyway, and if you ask Joe Biden, neither does the Democratic takeover of Congress. While your elected representatives sit and write long-winded backslappers about all they will do in 100 hours, and the days after those hours come to nothing, you're going off to the heated armpit of hell to die for nothing. Enjoy the ride, and make sure to leave a clearly defined will. The crumbs will be small and coveted here back home, as the environment warms and the recession gears up.

Yeah, I'd say he's pissed.

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Vitriolic but hard to argue with, is our Mr Thill. Especially the "you're being used" bit.
I appreciate his saying that they all suck. They totally do. Just cuz Bush is a dumbfuck doesn't mean the Dems are any better.
I also appreciate that Thill did not spare either side. As for the Dems, I hold them in a bit higher esteem than the Decider and his ilk, but if they don't "Just Say NO" like the people who elected them into a majority want them to then yeah, they'll be on my pile of worthless crap.
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