January 20, 2007


To name but a few

Jeff Kah-zlah-skee as good as tagged me with his recent post on films he can watch repeatedly. Essentially this post could start there at Boiled Dinner, as most every one Kos listed could also be on my list. And with that, here are some that I had a great time remembering and rekindling the jones to see them all again soon. My picks here start with some of the old classics and move toward more contemporary films. Of the 16 here, 10 are comedies (including the fifth down, which wasn't released as one), and that pretty much reflects my film-viewing preference. What are some of your favorite lines from these films (um, not the first two, duh)?


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I'm on board with O'brother and most things Coen.

I'm however over board for "Over board". WTF

I guess I need to bone up on my classics.

I'm a Si-Fi fan and I havn't seen Metropolis. Shame me.

Back to my reefer madness.
Thumbs up for Casablanca, Overboard, and O Brother!
What a great collection of favorites, Tim. Rear Window ... ooooh, I'm getting scary goosebumps.
Rear Window is excellent - Hitchcock's homage to pure cinema. There are some terrific films up there, along with a few I haven't seen yet. I'll have to adjust my Netflix queue.
I just noticed something interesting.... that "Thin Man" poster says "The Thin Man", but look who's in it.... James Stewart and Elissa Lanch. Classic flick freaks will remember that neither of them appeared in "The Thin Man", but were supporting actors in the first sequel "After the Thin Man". This is, evidently, foreign movie poster weirdness.
So I confine mine to a Thursday 13 and you think you can just waltz over to your blog and post as many as you damn well please? Goddamn liberal. Anyway, I'm pretty much with you on all of these except Overboard. To quote MachinistScott: "WTF"
No, Overboard is totally good!
Have seen them all except Metropolis,Little big man,Goonies,Monterey Pop,and Sunset Blvd. Love it when Cary Grant grabs Kate by the face and shoves her over!
Kos - It's a "Saturday 16" - 'kay?

Re: Overboard. I admit that on the surface it seems to have that 80s cheese factor, but IMO it is destined to be a classic screwball comedy in the grand tradition of films like Bringing Up Baby and Arsenic and Old Lace. AFAIK it's the only film that longtime paramours Hawn and Russell have made together, and their chemistry is apparent. A great supporting cast complements - Katherine Helmond, Roddy McDowell and Edward Herrmann all add to what is a very funny movie (with some of my favorite lines like, "I'm going to prescribe you some Valium. In the meantime, here, take one of mine"). So I say give it a chance.
I'm digging Casablanca, Rear Window, Dr Strangleove, and O Brother :)
Mr. O' Tim foolishly asked this within my hearing: "What are some of your favorite lines from these films?"

[perk!] The entire script of The Philadelphia Story, but here are just some:

Uncle Willie: [hung over] Awww... this is one of those days that the pages of history teach us are best spent lying in bed.
Tracy Lord: I'm going crazy. I'm standing here solidly on my own two hands and going crazy.
Margaret Lord: The course of true love...
Macaulay Connor: ...gathers no moss.
George Kittredge: But a man expects his wife--
Tracy Lord: To behave herself. Naturally.
C. K. Dexter Haven: To behave herself naturally.
C. K. Dexter Haven: I'm so glad you came. Can you use a typewriter?
Liz Imbrie: No, thanks, I've got one at home.
Tracy Lord: You're too good for me, George. You're a hundred times too good. And I'd make you most unhappy, most. That is, I'd do my best to.
Dinah Lord [nine years old]: Nothing ever possibly in the least ever happens here.
[pause] Mother, how do you get smallpox?
Margaret Lord: Dinah, stay here.
Dinah Lord: Please, Mother! Maybe he's going to sock her!
Margaret Lord: Don't say "'sock,"' darling." 'Strike' " is quite an ugly enough word.
Liz Imbrie: And, would I change places with Tracy Samantha Lord for all her wealth and beauty? Oh boy just ask me.
Macaulay Connor: [drunk, to driver] Well, this is where Cinderella gets off, now you hurry back to the ball before you turn into a pumpkin and six white mice, goodbye.
Tracy Lord: Aren't you coming Liz?
Liz Imbrie: Well, it seems I've got to commit suicide first.
C. K. Dexter Haven: I'm sorry, but I thought I better hit you before he did. He's in better shape than I am.
Macaulay Connor: [rubbing sore jaw] Well, you'll do!
Uncle Willie: Must we ride in this thing? Wouldn't we be more comfortable on pogo sticks?
Tracy Lord: [very drunk] My feet are made of clay. Made of clay, did you know? Good niiiggghhhttt little man!
Sidney Kidd: You really hate me, don't you Connor?
Macaulay Connor: Oh no!
[pause] I don't like you very much though.
Margaret Lord: Do you have any violin strings?
Macaulay Connor: [digs in his pocket] I have an aspirin. Will that work?
Macaulay Connor [poor, struggling writer]: Is there a library in town?
C. K. Dexter Haven [rich peep]: Yes.
Macaulay Connor: I suppose you wouldn't know where that is?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Well, roughly. My grandfather built it.
Sidney Kidd: You really hate me, don't you Connor?
Macaulay Connor: Oh no!
[pause] I don't like you very much though.
Macaulay Connor: [in Dexter's house]: What's this? Is it my book?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Yes.
Macaulay Connor: C.K. Dexter Haven! You have unsuspected depth!
C. K. Dexter: Thanks, old chap.
Macaulay Connor: But have you read it?
C. K. Dexter: I was trying to stop drinking--I read anything.
All of Casablanca, too. Highlights:

Captain Renault: What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca?
Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.
Captain Renault: The waters? What waters? We're in the desert.
Rick: I was misinformed.
Captain Renault: [loudly] I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
Croupier: [hands Renault a pile of money] Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.
Captain Renault: Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects.
Berger: We read five times that you were killed, in five different places.
Victor Laszlo: As you can see, it was true every single time.
Rick: I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.
Senor Ferrari: As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca, I am an influential and respected man.
Ugarte: You despise me, don't you?
Rick: If I gave you any thought I probably would.
Captain Renault: We musn't underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.
Major Strasser: [swaggering Nazi, re: invading cities] How about New York?
Rick: Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.
Major Strasser: We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37. Cannot return to his country. The reason is a little vague. We also know what you did in Paris, Mr. Blaine, and also we know why you left Paris. [hands the dossier to Rick]
Major Strasser: Don't worry, we are not going to broadcast it.
Rick: [reading] Are my eyes really brown?
Captain Renault: Come to my office tomorrow morning.
Jan Brandel: We'll be there at six!
Captain Renault: I'll be there at ten.
Captain Renault: I believe you have a message for him?
Victor Laszlo: Nothing important, but may I speak to him now?
Major Strasser: You would find the conversation a trifle one-sided. SeƱor Ugarte is dead.
Ilsa: Oh.
Captain Renault: I am making out the report now. We haven't quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape.
Sascha: Yvonne, I loff you, but he pays me.
Return of the Pink Panther:

Blind beggar: I am a musician and the monkey is a businessman. He doesn't tell me what to play, and I don't tell him what to do with his money.

For Extra Credit: 'K, this one's from Pink Panther Strikes Again, but I love it:

Clouseau: Does your dog bite?
Hotel Clerk: No.
Clouseau: [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie.
[Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand]
Clouseau: I thought you said your dog did not bite!
Hotel Clerk: That [short pause] is not my dog.


Mr. O' Tim? Have ya noticed how nobody else 'cept me followed yer homework instructions?

[preening] What do I win?

How big is your screenplay collection. You might be interested in something I downloaded recently... the screenplay for Kubrick's unmade movie about Napoleon. How often do you get to quote a film that was never made?
Mr. O' Tim? Have ya noticed how nobody else 'cept me followed yer homework instructions?

Very well done! (Nearly burnt?)

[preening] What do I win?

Dammit woman! I guess I'll have to load up on gift certificates or sumpin... PetsMart OK?

And you missed my absolut fave from PS:
Macaulay Connor: This is the Bridal Suite. Would you send up a couple of caviar sandwiches and a bottle of beer?
Margaret Lord: What? Who is this?
Macaulay Connor: This is the Voice of Doom calling. Your days are numbered, to the seventh son of the seventh son.
Margaret Lord: Hello? Hello?
Tracy Lord: What's the matter?
Margaret Lord: One of the servants has been at the sherry again.

And Casablanca, for all its superb drama, has a lot of witty screwball reparte.
Mr. Joe the Troll asked me: "How big is your screenplay collection?"

[blushing] Ummmm... [mumbling] don't have one. [/mumbling] I just... kinda sorta have watched The Philadelphia Story and Casablanca a lot. A whole lot. For twenty-something years. And, I'm tickled by my favorite lines every time. [whispering] I'm a tad odd that way (shaddap!). [/whispering]

"... the screenplay for Kubrick's unmade movie about Napoleon"

[perk!] I'd be interested in seein' it.

"How often do you get to quote a film that was never made?"

[swaggering] Anytime I want to--who's gonna know I didn't make it up? [chortle!] "I am so amusing that I, myself, must laugh!" [1] [rolling on floor all mirth-esque-like]

[recovering] No, really, I would. I may not have a few months ago, though, until I read part of a real script for the first time. It was for Taxi Driver, a movie I had never gotten around to watching before. Anyway, the DVD contains the script, and I was most surprised and impressed by the writing beyond the actors' lines. I didn't read the whole thing yet 'cause ya actually have to read it page by page on yer screen and that gets tiring pretty damn quickly.

And, around the same time I got into a discussion in MW about 2001: etc. when I was tellin' how the book was finished after the movie came out, and about its co-writing, and the script. And other writer-esque stuff like that.
[1] King of Siam, The King and I".
That's a very interesting and eclectic list of films. I heart Dr. Strangelove . . . I must have seen it at least fifteen times. Is it just me, or is there something a little . . . odd . . . about the women's breasts in the Sunset Boulevard poster? Sort of . . . solid, yet unnaturally pneumatic.
Mr. O' Tim wrote: "Very well done!"


" (Nearly burnt?)"

[/beaming!] Oh. 'Scuse. [Holding homework over the trash can and scraping it off a tad] Better?

"Dammit woman!"

[dropping homework] [eyes glisten with tiny tears] It ain't my fault! My dog toasted it!

"I guess I'll have to load up on gift certificates or sumpin..."

[/tiny tears] A PRIZE for me?! [scampering about with PRIZE Joy]

"PetsMart OK?"

[Sir Harvey flutters about with joy] New Bird Toys for ME!

[Beezer Kitty hisses at Harvey] As if!

Oh, dear...

"And you missed my absolut fave from PS: [...] 'This is the Voice of Doom calling.' "

[laughing!] Thenkyew! I actually had that one in there, but the list got so long and that bit is several lines long by itself, so, after much agony, I cut it. Figured I could add it in a reply later, but you were kind enough to do it for me.

"And Casablanca, for all its superb drama, has a lot of witty screwball reparte."

Yuppers, and just plain cooly delivered witty-esque lines. Hey, didja ever notice that the palm frond shadows that you see in Rick's are actually painted onto the wall? Huh? Didja? Huh?
Mr. Rochester inquired: "... is there something a little . . . odd . . . about the women's breasts in the Sunset Boulevard poster? "

Drawn by a guy, innit.

"Sort of . . . solid, yet unnaturally pneumatic."

That's cause they ain't all natural to begin with. It's the style of the dresses' cups, a precursor of the 1950's "bullet bras" (think Wagnerian Valkyrie).

[bursting into song]

"Kill dah wabbit!!!
Kill dah wabbit!!!
Kill dah wabbit!!!
Ohhhh...and dayah won't be any mow wabbits awound!"

[blink!] Oh... did I sing that out loud? 'Scuse.
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